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airline travel

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chi, May 17, 2006.

  1. how safe is cannafood (particularly brownies) on international flights? carry-on or luggage? i'm going away to central asia for 3 weeks in the summer, and i thought i'd want to keep myself company.
  2. It smells just like regular buds, so you're not fooling any dogs. It's varied success. But I would be EXTREMELY careful if I took any drugs with me on any flight. I advise against it, but i know it can be done, os it's all about how much risk you can handle. But then again, I've never seen a dog in an airport, so maybe keeping it on the body? But what is international searches like? I havn't done an international flight since pre 9/11
  3. yeah, I'm going to kazakhstan, Russia/China bordering country. it'll most likely be in an airtight container with the outside not touched by bud. but i'm not sure how the searches will go. I suppoes if the batch doesn't smell heavily, i might. can't decide still.
  4. You could try making it look like a "care package" or "gift basket"....pack them with some coffee because that apparently throws off the dogs.
  5. If that's where you are going, why don't you skip cooking, get on the plane clean, and just take a walk and pick some of your own buds and opium!
  6. Drugs are extremely illegal in asia.
  7. Anyone ever seen Broke Down Palace? It's based on a true story. That movie will scare ya straight of taking drugs into Thailand.
  8. ah, this is no where near Thailand though. Alright then, I guess I won't bring along anything. I know that marijuana grows on the streets where I'm going but you can't expect them to be that good, and i'll be there only 3 weeks, barely any time to properly cure and enjoy it.

    but.. there should be something around. we'll see.

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