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  1. This thing is sick, first off.

    What makes the bags cloudy?
    Is it the heat or just the amount of bud you put in?

    Ive got it vaping at 200celcius with like .1-.2 in the bowl on fan speed 1, and the bags are coming out a little clear, anyone got any suggestions on temp and fan settings?
  2. hey i own one of these machines as well, but am by no means an expert on it. There are alot of variable to consider in order to try to find the best heat setting, such as density if buds, amount loaded, fan setting, air molecules already in the bag, etc
    if there is hash in the mixture 500 F on F1 usually gets a pretty good amount of smoke, i prefer a higher setting like say 240-247 C when utlizing dro, and like a slower fan setting, if a want a bag. good luck with that thing
  3. Wtf 270? Your basically smoking it then that must come out tastin burnt

    195 for me.. Have u heated up your bowl? Grinded up finely? Try puttin half way to the black is good for a few bags..

    But all bud will vape differently, I suggest vapin quality bud!.. Play with your vape settings.. You'll kno when it's good your bag is good should be almost white!
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    I'm pretty confident that weed best "vapes" around 380 degrees F. Converted to C, anything along the lines of 190 C would be best. I used to go lower with my Vapir (360 F).

    But yeah, you're just burning it, not vaping it at such an extreme temperature.

    And keep in mind that vapor is not the same as smoke. You won't always gets the cloudy feeling - that only occurs when there is a lot of vapor within a small occupied space, such as a bag. So when lots of vapor keeps collecting inside, it starts to become more visible ("cloudy").

    edit: .1-.2 is too little to get the "cloudyness", you know? If you vape the hell out of it, and it is brown, you won't get enough to get the "cloudyness" in the bag. Use more, and you should experience more "cloudyness".

    But before you do that, are you getting high? If so, don't worry. Just enjoy.
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    For bags:
    I throw the bowl on with bud packed to just under the black top, or less if im alone.
    My heat is 215C and i let it SIT LIKE THIS for 10 MIN!
    This gets the glass and herb heated up and ready for lovely vaporising, the clouds will make you choke, i promise this!
    Run it on fan 3, i always have, i noticed 1 has never worked as well for me.

    For whip: I throw glass on at about 220C and get it all warm(either run fan until elbow is hot, or pull air through with the bowl/elbow unpacked)

    When glass is warm, pack the elbow up with your herb and let it sit there for a couple mins to preheat it all(the waiting with herb in elbow is optional)

    then draw long and slow, the elbow will give rank clouds and last a while, when its pooched i empty into the bowl and re-pack the elbow.

    EXTRA: These temps are just what i use, and with the bags i have dropped it down to 210C to get better taste on the second/third bags. I enjoy the higher temps as they work best and get me ripped! Anywhere from 190-230 is great, I find 210 – 220 best for me:)

    get a glass on glass connection and vapor-bong it dude! this is my choice on any given day lol.
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    your a genius, lol
    Those bags came out so nice

    Ya man Im getting plenty high lol. But thanks for clearing that up, And I am definatly enjoying we speak :smoking:

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