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  1. Okay guys I am fresh into my second grow, different location, rig etc. As of now I am running active intake and active outtake. Here is my question, this rig took me a while to prepare, and back when I was running the ducting and such I have both leading above and outside of my growing area. At the time, the incoming air into my tent was cool and the outtake well didn't matter much, I had it pumping out the air outside. Lately though it has been getting quite warmer outside so having my intake on with lights off during the day actually makes it TOO warm, which is kind of ironic. So, my question(s) is/are:

    -Is it okay to leave my intake/outtake off for a few hours a day? I have been waiting till around the time my lights come on, since they make it warm, so usually by then the intake/outtake make it cooler in there. But during the day say from noon-4 the intake makes it pretty warm in there :/ Also, my intake and outtake are on the same circuit, which is a pain in the ass to access I have it routed to a killswitch under my computer since I am a baller lol so if need be I can throw it with my foot since it can be louder at times.

    -Would it be more effective to have both ducts in my tent be outtakes? And use a passive intake system?

    Thank you for reading this and please help me, my plant is totally fine for now, but I have a feeling the lack of constant air refreshing is not good for her :/
  2. Go with the passive intake. That'll pull the room temperature air into your tent, and exhaust the hot air. I'd bet that'd help with your temperature problems.
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    I'd have to agree, i never saw a point in active intake systems unless for huge grows. passive will be fine as long as the exhaust intake is on the other side of the room (you don't want to be just pulling cold air in just to exhaust it). Also, is it possible for you to upgrade your exhaust? like to lets say a 400cfm inline fan on a speed controller?) if you can set it to a low enough speed where its constantly removing hot air at a speed slightly faster than its being generated means you can run your fan longer which in turn will pull more co2 rich air into the room. a plus side is if you only have to run it at 30% it will be significantly quieter as well. (hanging it from rubber gaskets will make it aLOT quieter.)

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