Airflow in Stealth Grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by B24cov, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, im about to do my first grow in early september, its going to be a cfl grow in a little crawlspace in my room. there is only one door in and i has to be kept closed so that no unwanted visitors might see the plants. my question is, is it necessary to have a fan blowing air in and another blowing air out? or is it ok to not have a fan sucking the air out. Thanks!
  2. i have kinda got the same situation as you. i dont want unwanted visitors to see anything but i dont want to cut holes in the wall for intake and extraction. anyway what i have done in my closet and its not perfect is cut a hole in the bottom of the door and stuck a vent cover over it. this might not help with the airflow but its better than having nothing. there is also a desk fan in the closet to help move the air. also i tend to leave the closet door open during the day when im in my room.

    i think you need an extraction fan more than you need an intake fan but i have also read if you have an extraction fan you need to have a hole like my vent hole or else you are taking air out but not replacing it. that might not make sense and it might be wrong so get another opinion before doing anything. i hope this helped and good luck
  3. yeah that kinda helps. and thank you for your input. any more advice outhere in gc?
  4. im starting a stealth cabinet grow soon and have the same problem. im going to build a back wall that is 4-5 inches in the cabinet and cut a hole/install my fan in that wall, then i built a second wall on the back of the cabinet with a vent on the bottom. that way your fan can still blow the air out and no one will see it. sry if that didnt make much sense its hard to type out wat i actually did but hope it helps anyways. good luck on your grow bro!!

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