Airf0nz0 Blue Mammoth Auto

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  1. DAY 1

    And so it begins again. Got this seed as a freebie from Attitude 4/20 special. I planted on Sunday and it sprouted in less than 3 days. Right now its under 3 6000k bulbs, 78 watts total. Temp is 81 but will have to keep an eye on it.

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  2. Day 2

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  3. And it starts all over again....! Nice!
  4. Day 3

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    Can't wait to see the progress again, i can't get enough of how alive the plant's are... almost like having a kid, prolly the closest i want to come to it anyways haha.

    Are you using ffof again?
  6. Day 4

    Gave a small amount of water today.

    Yes SSG I'm using FFOF again. I am hoping this strain isn't sensitive to nutes cause I keep hearing FFOF is a little hot.

  7. Iv herd the same so id like to see how she does, ill most likely pick some up for my cheese plant's.
  8. What kind of soil are you using now?
  9. HAHA, you dont wanna know.... It's a mix of MG and dollar store brand organic soil, but hell it worked.
  10. Hell yea it did. Worked like a charm
  11. sub'd! since yours is an auto we should finish about the same time :)...ima follow this one through, just switched my little indica over to 12/12 today. Check it out in the link in my Sig :)
  12. I'm up in this one.
  13. just got subbed! best wishes toward this grow!
  14. Day 7

    Gave small amount of water. I'm trying to keep it as close as I can to the light but the leaves will start sticking up every once in a while so I had to back it off a bit. Pics are day 4, day 6, and last 2 are today.

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    Lookin good man, although autos always seem to have half-retarded foliar growth for the first couple weeks to me xD. I can see that tell-tail straight ruderalis taper in the leaves instead of that indica curve.

    and on the cotyledon thing, a lot of people dont realize this, but until the cotyledons die and fall off you need no nutrients at all, it gets all it needs from the withering cotyledons. any nutes you add are just going to crystalize in the soil (assuming your using chemical ferts)

    yo Airf0nz0, check out my last post in my journal for what appears to be the best news i have recieved all summer ;)
  16. actualy if that main stalk is still that red color at about day 14 i would start VERY LIGHT doses of something with plenty of potassium in it.

    my current grow was the FIRST plant ive ever had that DIDNT have that crazy red seedling stem lol

    edit: Secured a good FIRST for page 2:smoke:
  17. Sorry haven't really been on. Took and posting this right before work, look at this plant reaching up :D

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  18. yea man the leaves have a wave to them, its kinda funky i like it. I'll wait until 3rd week for nutes and even then I'll just start off real light.

  19. fuck i love baby plants
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    Day 9

    Watered until runoff. This girl is a little smaller than my afghan kush ryder was it this point but this one is looking a ton healthier.

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