aircooling a 1000 watt

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  1. I currently have a 1000 watt in a room that is 5x5'
    the temp right nor is about 78-80 at the most. the room is ventilated with a 300 cfm fan running through the wall. my question is, if i put a 300 cfm fan on the 6" hole in the 1000 watt light will this help cool the light off so i could move it a little closer to the plants? i would not be pulling air from a different room, nor would i be exhausting the air from the light into a different room, just pulling air from one end of the room through the light and back into the opposite end of the room.
  2. Water cool the better, especially if your not exhausting to outside

    Good luck
  3. yes, adding a fan to an air cooled hood will allow you to bring the light closer to your plants.

    out of curiosity, whats your room's intake temp? 78 seems really good in a room that size.
  4. its in a basement so luckily the intake temp is normally around 67-69 degrees.

    also, the fan i ended up going with is the 409 cfm windtunnel by sunleaves. will this be too much air flow through the light? i eventually plan on changing things around a good bit, but for the next month or so i will be using the wind tunnel on the light if its not too powerful.
  5. ...dude, you really need to exaust outdoors or attic....your just causing heat buidup by recirculating the same air.
  6. such thing as too much air going through your hood, if there is I'd like to see it. However, you can pull too much air through your carbon scrubber.
  7. no. his room can handle it. its currently without a fan and doing just fine. adding the fan just pulls heat away from the bulb.
  8. just hook the fan your already using to the hood you'll drop 5 deg guaranteed. Your temp isnt a prob though. And yes you will be able to move your light closer if you vent it but I think your ambient temp would go up if not vented out of the room.
  9. Or unless you water cool the light, like i said
  10. thankyou for all of the advice!
    Kronny, you are saying if i dont vent my air from the light out of the room, it will actually make the room temp go up?

  11. YEP...... water cool the light... no temps rising

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