Air/water proofing?

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  1. So.

    I was walking around my local big-box store bored, and came across something.

    A toolbox. A plastic, regular, toolbox.

    Hmm, I thought. I wonder if I could convert that into storage for bongs/pipes/grinders etc?

    So, I embarked on the journey, I purchased the toolbox, and siliconed all the parts where any air could escape, but I am stuck with how to seal the lid, but still allow it to open.

    I figure an air-tight gasket, like rubbermaid containers have, but I have no idea how to buy one or make one. Anyone done anything similar?

  2. Anyone got any suggestions?

    The toolbox has a 1/4" edge/rim on both sides. Is it as simple as buying a sheet of silicon and fastening it?
  3. I am a crap DIY man and I haven't the foggiest idea about how to go about this...
    I could be missing the point, but surely you just leave your bud (i'm assuming that's why you want it airtight) in a little mason jar inside the box or something and then you don't need to make the toolbox airtight...? I don't really understand why you'd need an airtight box for paraphernalia.
  4. The weed is in an airtight box, I was planning to leave my bong in the bottom compartment and grinders/lighters/pipes etc, weed included in the top tray.

    The airtight seal is mainly because I have a lot of people through my house (long story) that I don't want to know I smoke up.

    I suppose as long as it's sealed enough it won't matter, I don't think any police dogs will be coming through ;)
  5. ^^^Yeah man, I don't think you'd need it to be airtight, and i'm pretty sure that plastic permeates smell so even if you do get it airtight a dog will still be able to smell the resin etc, all seems pretty pointless to me mate, but what do I know!
  6. Slightly paranoid lol.

    Will just make sure the weed is sealed and the bong is clean :)

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