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Air Tightness in a homemade bong.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by asianINVasian, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. ive been experimenting with a few things to get my homemade bongs as air tight as possible. i've heard of glue guns working well. and melting the plastic around the stem works too i hear.

    any one have any other good ideas. would love to hear them
  2. Well there arnt many options
    hot glue is the best option
    the best option is to fork out on a cheap piece,
    no reason to not invest if your a "stoner"
  3. hot glue gun / electrical tape is what i use, seems to work fairly well if you put enough
  4. I made one once and got duck tape and wrapedd it round loads of times connecting the stem.. and basically covering any gaps dozens of worked damn well!
  5. electrical tape for me. works like a mofo on peanut butter.

  6. blue tack or chewing gum
  7. Bee's Wax meant for styling hair. Get some, smear it around your openings, and viola. Safe when heated, maintains an air-tight bond, easily removeable, works easy.
  8. get a real piece.
  9. getting a real piece isn't an option for me since I have I am still in my last year of High School (already turned 18) and still live with my parents, they keep track of my money cause they want me to save it all up for college so I can't go and spend cash and not expect my parents to ask what it was for
  10. How do you explain the money missing for bud then? Lol.
    Just curious, I like making homemade shit, it's fun.

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