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  1. Hey guys,

    Long time lurker here, first time poster =D

    I wanted to see if anyone have any suggestions on what I can add to make a box air tight. I was thinking of 3D printing a box. a Lid and the actual box itself. Customize it so that my containers can fit in side, + my tools and devices in certain spots. However 3D printing it probably won't make it very air tight and won't have a lock as well. So I Was thinking if anyone knows a way to make it a bit more air tight.

    My only idea is to put rubbery parts on the gap of the container, and find some way to pull a lock from the top to the side just like a cookie jar.

    Any other ideas would be appreciated!
  2. Problem with boxes is the material they are made out of. Wood and some plastics will retain the funk of what ever is placed in them. So if you want to keep the stank of dank from the room said box resides in, a box might not be the wisest choice. You're better off just using mason jars. Not just for ganja but for paraphernalia too.

    With that said....
    If I was going to make a box as air tight as possible while keeping it simple, I would try the following. For a wooden box I would oil the inside and out of a wooden box with a non volatile oil of some kind. Maybe even a wax as it beads water and oil on its surface. Then, I would get a piece of leather and oil it so it is water tight. Then cut that piece of leather so it fits the lid of the box. So if you were to close the lid on that box, the lid would smash the oiled cloth between it and the box it is attached too. As for a clasp of some kind, I would go with a retention type of device. Something simple like 2 pegs. One on the lid and one on the box. When closed, you can hold tension and press down on the lid. Then you would use a piece of twine and tie it off. You might get it pretty close to air tight. A good test would be to put the closed box under water. If it gets wet, it ain't air tight lol!

    An even easier idea would be to use zip lock baggies in the box. Then the box itself doesn't have to be air tight. More then that, you can swap out new bags when ever you want so it won't be so stinky if at all. In my ganja box, I do that. My rolling tray sits in a zip lock Baggie. Works fucking awesome. Allows me to keep on the downlow. Person lay I give zero fucks who knows that I smoke ganja. I am however married, happy wife, happy life and all that lol!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion!

    I'm actually not afraid of the smell going out or anything. I'm more into making sure it stays as moist as possible. I'm actually using medical and the rule that the dispensary company told me is that I should keep all my crap inside the bottles, even when i'm out. This way when a cop looks at it, its' actually in a medical bottle. So I was hoping to make a custom box that's 3D printed so taht the bottles fit in slots I made out that kinda idea.

    I was thinkign of maybe jsut buying a safe box that's "water tight" then use a ziplock bag to hold it all but I thought i'd try to be a bit fancier :p

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