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Air purifiers

Discussion in 'General' started by Unclescam777, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. how well do they work for getting rid of the smell of pot?
  2. I hear they are good for growing, not sure if its good for just smoking in your room. But I have a idea that i want to try sometime. Its take a hit and blow right into the purifier that would probably take alot of the smell away but I dont know..
  3. If you get one with a CPZ Odour and gas filter in it, then they work really well. The one I have has a HEPA filter and the CPZ, the CPZ does give off a strange smell, it's not really a bad smell, it's just....strange. hard to describe.

    oh, and the CPZ also makes your carpet feel really really soft of some reason.
  4. That sounds cool

  5. Yeah, I use to use it when I lived iun Residence (can't smoke in the rooms) this did such a good job that you almost didn't need a towel under the door. I say almost because you could still smell it a little, but only if you were in front of the door.

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