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  1. Would it be wise to out an air purifier in my grow box? To help get rid of odor? Or outside my box? Like in the same room? My grow box flowerkng setup is 64cm by 110cm and tge specs on the air purifier is also given below I have a homemade active carbon filter also it works but Im a asking for the benefit of the plant

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  2. purifying the air with an air filter will not benefit the plant. it is usually used just to get rid of smell. CO2 emission will help the plant though but those are pretty expensive and not necessary for small grows.
  3. I already bought it and put it in my grow box, what would it do to the plants if not benefit then from disease and fungus, im really just curious because those are pros iv heard about but no cons yet

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  4. Some of them remove Mildew from the air

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