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Air purifier???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 420 flame, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Are there any good air purifiers for 1 room (small). I would like it to help remove odor. And having clean air is always cool too. Any you would recomend that are under 60$? Thank you
  2. I ordered this thing called a smoke buddy. It's supposed to be like a sploof but absolutely no smoke comes out. I'm a little skeptical about it, it hasn't come in the mail yet. I'll be sure to make a thread if it works.
  3. Buy some Ozium man , never have to worry again !
  4. Walmart has a few of the smaller air purifiers. I have a small one in my room that cost about $40. HTH
  5. Do they help??
  6. i guess i'm lucky but my room is pretty big, like 12 ft for 21ft (i don't really use ft in my country). and it has windows, those you slide on one side and a door in the other. so it's incredibly well ventilated. i can smoke a joint and in 20 minutes there will be no odor.
  7. Guys, I got the smoke buddy yesterday. You don't smell a thing. Does wonders compared to a sploof. I'm not sure how long it lasts but it's worth the 10 bucks you drop on it.
  8. Not what he wants, he wants an actual purifier that takes air from the room and cleans it/makes it less stale. If you have no reason to hide your smoking you don't want to have to exhale every time into a smoke buddy.
  9. Instead of air purifiers, I use candles and other scents that freshen up the air. They do a pretty good job of masking the smoke
  10. I'm curious about this too OP, so I'm going to reiterate the question because people don't seem to be responding.

    Do air purifiers help keep down the smell of weed?
  11. Lol. Thanks. Yea. Think im ganna get one from walmart or target or somthing. My room smells stale and like weed(bad weed smell not good) and i have windows but my room gets sooooo cold so i figure a air purifier would be cool. And yea back to main question of thread, do air purifiers help nuetralize the odor of weed?
  12. I don't know from experience but I would assume yes. But it wouldn't help as much with the stale smell if its already clinging to fabric and what not nor immediately since it will be a smaller purifier
  13. I had an air purifier back in the day, it had a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter as well as a UV filter to kill pathogens in the air.

    It worked pretty well, I smoked a black and mild indoors while blowing into the air purifier and it didn't smell half bad after I was done. It would probably do well in your room but you'd have to keep it on for a while.

    I'd recommend a fabric refresher spray or something, ozium and the like, and leave that window open even though it'd be cold. Fresh air is better than stale air, regardless of the temperature
  14. Yea. I do leave my widows open all day. Just kida has that teenage guy stale smell and i let it air out alot. But with my dad paying for heat he doesnt like them ALWAYS open. Plus im figuring if i smoke at night with my windows open and air purifier on its gotten clean my shit out in an hour or sonright?
  15. Before i got a vape I always used to smoke in my room and just blow out the window then close it after and spray with ozium...that shit got rid of all the smell
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    I have dust allergies and I sneeze almost everyday and I smoke at times when I feel nervous. Now that I have kids, I have to be extra careful with our health. I don't want them to smell like me when they come to my room. I love my kids that's why I'm buying an air purifier myself.
  17. Close loop air filter system with opening and closing windows/doors. Open when closed doesn't work for long.
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    Before we decided to buy an air purifier for our bedroom, my husband who is sort of like a McGyver when it comes to electronics and such,made his own air quality monitoring system. The results showed we really needed an air purifier to ensure our baby's health. For any of those who don't want to buy an air purifier first, see if there are available cheap yet good air quality monitors in your area. Most are easy to use and compatible with iOS or Android phones.

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