Air Pump Times? and Grow medium

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  1. Hi I have a Marina 50 air pump that i got in a grow kit im curious as to when i need to let it run. If i have my lights and pump run at the same time and not have pump run during sleep hours will that be ok. I am looking for a grow medium to use can i place germinated seeds in Perlite and let them grow the whole way through, or should i get the rockwool and hydroton
  2. It might be more productive if you try to describe your system. Your plant's roots will probably 24 hours of air pump time, not just during the light hours. Well depending on your setup....
  3. well it is the Low ryder deluxe grow box i bought offline, its set up is like a tub with 6 net pots in it. the pump i turned on today it is just like a standard air pump and bubles into the water, i bieleve just to get the nutrients and water moving around. I bought jiffy 7 pellets today and put sum germinated seeds in them and then placed into the net pots. I filled up the water to roughly the bottom of the net pots almost touching. I figured after a while of growth ill get some hydroton to sorround the plant.
  4. OK, that definitely helps. You'll want to run your air bubbler (pump) 24/7. It does help mix your solution, and move the soup around, but its most important job is to aerate the water by creating more surface area at the water surface, allowing it to absorb more oxygen in the root area.

    Next, I don't think you want to drop peat pellets in your hydro system. If/when it starts to break apart, all that chunge is going to get in your soup. If you only have an air bubbler, it might be okay, but if you run a pump, it could clog up. Good luck on your grow!
  5. Alrightie kwl thanks man for the help I cant wait my first grow, and sorry one other questhtion if you know, should I let the water in my tub touch the bottom of the net pots while my baby seeds are sprouting( I did this but now the pellets are super soaked and im guessing thats bad for the plant in the beggining
    ) or should i just spray a little water on seeds until their roots grow down into the water to get food from nutrients.
  6. While the plants are young make sure the bottom of the netpot is sitting in the water about an inch so any bubbles made by your pump are able to get as far up as you can....remember when they'r young they dont have much roots. Once the roots come out and play a bit you can lower the level of the water, but always remember you need to have your roots as wet as you can. But i agree with Original, you'r using hydro so why use jiffy pellets? you should have gone for rockwool or something similar that isnt anything to do with soil, but good luck son!
  7. the jiffy pellets will work fine in the hydro system, atleast mine did, it only really broke apart the first day it was in, i guess the bubbles helped break all the loose dirt off, i changed the res after that first day and it never got any more dirt into it, i did have hydroton around my pellets though
  8. alrightie kwl thanks everyone yea i was at home depot and saw the jiffy pellets and got a little anxious to get started, but ill probaly go out and buy hydroton soon for the baby plants thanks again

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