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Air pump question

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dlpjr, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Looking for an airpump to replace the six fish tank pumps I am using now. I have 6 five gallon bubble buckets. Looking for something quiet and that will provide enough air to my plants. Just tired of tripping on six cords in my tent. Any suggestion would really help.
  2. I have the general hydro pump. Works like a fuckin charm. Wouldn't go with anything else. Can run 8 DWC Buckets no problem with this bad boy.


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  3. Just bought this pump thanks for the help.
  4. You can also buy upgraded manifolds for it too. 4-6 or 8 hose ports.
  5. Thanks for the input, was just thinking about what fittings I was going to need to run two more buckets from that manifold. Problem solved with upgrading to the 6. Thanks again.
  6. No problemo bud!
  7. Or just get bigger airstones( Sunleaves 2&4 inchers work well). And run one line per bucket.
  8. I think that's what he plans on doin. But the stock manifold comes with 4 spots. He's upgrading to 6. Giving him 1 line per bucket, without adding more splitters.
  9. That's the plan now with the manifold upgrade. 1 Line and one airstone to each of the six buckets. I will be using 5" round weighted airstones that I just bought with the pump. Thanks for the help

  10. DOH!

    Okay, I'm just gonna go back to my ball of hash and stfu;):D:smoking:
  11. No way wharf! Your full of all kinds of useful knowledge! Keep up it Duder!
  12. Gotta let us know what you think of the round stones. I was gunna grab some 8" rounds but wasn't sure how they were. I bought those flexible lines and their garbage. Clog within days. Ended up goin with normal stick stones. Those round stones have me intrigued.
  13. Dudes at my hydro shop love em.....I'm just cheap, I can get 2 Sunleaves 4"s for the same price as a 6 inch waffle.

    But I bet its cool not having to slice your stones out of rootballs though.
  14. Yea main reason I didn't jump on the 8" rounds. $30 a pop. Sheesh. Lol
  15. Me also.... got the fives for around ten. I might be wrong but think the hose might kink using an 8" in a five gallon bucket.
  16. Will do, I like the idea if they work. Read a bunch of customers reviews on them, with about 50 positive 50 negative. Hope I get the 50% that work.

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