Air pump for a guerilla bubblebucket setup

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  1. hello all,

    I have a bubblebucket setup in my head and i want to try and aerate it with a solar oxygenator.

    The reason for this is i cant grow it in my garden but there is an abundance of woodland like 500 metres away.

    Obviously the pump would not work through the night, would my plant suffer from the lack of air over that amount of time?

    Thanks in advance for any correspondance
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    A decent priced solar oxygenator pumps out 48GPH /0.2L per minute of air - which is horrific. I was noticing drooping from not enough dissolved oxygen with a 4.5L per min in a 5 gal. I bumped it up to 38L PER MIN just to be sufficient.

    Over night not providing the drowned roots with air isn't going to be a good thing, I've never tried it - but I don't think it will work.

    Stick with soil if you're doing guerrilla grows. There's absolutely no reason to do hydroponics (unless you want a ton of stress/problems)

  3. Yeah i thought as much, im gowing quite a few seedings right now. was thinking of trying it with one but maybe not.. Thanks for your input

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