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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pain, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. well... i have an old aquarium air-pimp, it has a air purifer on it so the air is fairly clean. i plan on attaching my own contraption of filter also so i have no conern of air quality. my only problem is i don't kno if this will be enough for my grow room. the dimension are 3.5 feet high 1.7 fett long and 1.4 feet wide. i plan on only growing 1 plant in this box. there is no info on how much air the pump can push out. so.. what do u think the minimum requirments for air intake and exaust should be for a grow room that size?
  2. are you doing hydro? that is the only reason i can see to have an air pump. if so, i can't help to much, i don't know that much about it. if you are talking about ventilation, just use fans, it only has to be enough to alow air movement and heat reduction.
  3. yes but i must keep the grow room entirely sealed what i'm growing in is a home made box. so i need to get fresh into the plant and where the box is kept i can't just open a door and let air come in. basicaly i'm growing it entirely in stealth...
  4. what up pain
    not enough air flow for a little box like that old computer fans were great mount one at top one at bottom
  5. computer fans eh..
    ya i think i might try that just gotta find 2 computer fans somewhere heh thanks for the tip!

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