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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by NL x Skunk, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Alright guys, i've had a 6 site 5-gal bucket DWC system running for a couple months now, and i've been having a real rough time. I foolishly bought a cheap system off amazon that came with a little air stone that broke in half about a month in and i've been fighting root rot the ENTIRE time i've had the system, my roots are really struggling and so are my plants.
    So, to compensate for the cheap system and still water i've been throwing 4-5 frozen water bottles in my system every 1-2 hours to keep my roots alive. It's been hell to say the least and there's no way this will keep working for long, even when i sleep i have to wake up every 3 hours or so to throw new water bottles in because if i left it alone for more than 4 hours or so my roots would begin to rot.
    Needless to say SOMETHING HAS GOT TO CHANGE. I've decided (and correct me if i'm wrong) but i've decided that i NEED a good air pump and air stones to keep my roots healthy.
    Here is my system:
    It's supposed to be an "aeroponics" system but the sprayers are shit and the roots really just sit in the water like DWC.
    Here is what i'm thinking i need:
    and 6 of these:
    According to what i've read those are the best air stones and a very good pump. my system usually has about 15-20 gallons of water in them so i figure if i put one of those in each bucket it will provide enough aeration.
    ANY ADVICE IS WELCOME my plants are really struggling, they've been suffering from root rot off and on their entire life. I know i need a better system but they are too far in at this point to get a better system, the roots are too tangled, so i need to improve this system the absolute best i can for the time being, please please please please please help me.

  2. My babies are really suffering from this poor set up, the leaves show intense signs of deficiency and i've tried every damn thing, my PH is a solid 5.7, my PPM is 900 with cal-mag enhanced RO water and every single nutrient the fuckers could possibly need, yet they STILL show signs of deficiency. My only guess left is that the roots just arent up to speed with the size of the plants and in return they are suffering.
  3. Also, if i were to run the air stones, would i need the sprayers running anymore or would the bubbles be enough? because the current pump spraying the roots i think produces a lot of heat in the reservoir. My only problem with not running the water pump is that the water wont be moving between the entire system like it should be.
  4. Hey Skunk I have a 2 bucket system with a airstone in my main and my rez it delivers alot of oxygen to your roots better then a water pump driven systm so i would definately go with the system your thinking about ,I've heard that the pump delivers alot more air to the roots hopes this helps in your endeavour to make your babies happy in the near future
  5. Bite the bullet and get a chiller.
    if you are circulating the soup, you do not need an airstone in each bucket.

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