Air Pots VS SmarT Pots.

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  1. I am using smart pots, but after reading reviews, forums, and this article found here:

    it seems that the smart pots are the oldest and least satisfactory of it's inventors creations in the field of root pruning.

    So in the end if I had to choose between which ones to use for my next grow, I would choose the air pots over the smart pots possibly, however remember that I still never tried any form of air pruning other than one time experience with smart pots. And also continue to remember that the smart pots seem to be more reliable in regards to cutting down on mess, and in regards to RO. And finally smart pots are superior in regards to being able to get away with watering less often.

    So then why would I recommend Air Pots over Smart Pots? Because in comparison side by side after comparison the air pot seems to give better growing results and better root development.

    I would like to point something interesting out, and after pointing it out I would like to know what your opinions are.

    I would like to point out that it is very odd to me to see people comparing only two forms of air pruning when a couple more seem to have been invented and seem to be available. If you look at the article and the products in it it mentions 4 or more types of air pruning containers, meanwhile many people seem only discuss the two known as air pots and smart pots. Are we as consumers who visit these forums therefore to assume that these other pots do not matter? That these other pots are not good enough? Please someone share your knowledge or opinion after checking out all the products, because until proven or discussed about otherwise for all we all know we are sitting here in these forums discussing inferior pots when their could be similar and better ones that are written about and never widely talked about.

    And lastly my final question is this: If everyone seems to want the best air pruning which seems to be the air pot but at the same time everyone wants the smart pot convenience of less mess, less watering, watering through the bottom up and on the sides of the fabric with RO, and that didn't have to be made DIY, then instead of debating which pot to get can't we just get the pot that combines the too right here:<span> </span>

    According to the picture shown on the page from the link above, it seems that you get the best of both worlds, can have your cake and eat it too. It seems to be similar to the form of the air pot, and should be as good if not better, since the fabric part inside should do as it says in the description and that is provide shade to the roots as they grow and prune in to the hole.

    And since it has fabric even if it is an amazingly thin amount according to the perception the image seems to give, it seems that with it there the whole pot would need less watering, and would be able to do RO. And even if the fabric does something like tear it really wont be that big of a deal because some fabric is still at least very good in comparison to not any fabric, and even if all the fabric eventually wore off then you could still use it as an air pot right?

    Has anyone tried these other pots?
  2. Super roots airpots are superior to those root builder pots.

    IMO they are the best on the market.
  3. I've used buckets, smart pots and air pots. Never really got what all the hype was with the air pots lol. I'm back to using my smart pots, for now anyway.
  4. I just finished my first run with the plastic air pruning pots with the holes in the sides. They worked well except when I got a gnat problem. Used gnat nix as top and neem on the leaves but then they only came out the sides also had a problem with even water runoff.(water pours from the sides) I won't use them again. Back to smart pots for me.
  5. Smart pots make the girls grow sexy roots?
  6. I like using smart pots, but only the ones with handles. The 3 gallon ones can grow some nice produce.
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  7. Coco pots man way to go way better aeration on them

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  8. Smart pots seem like they would allow better oxygen penetration than a plastic pot. I'm trying to figure out where to get some now.
  9. DIY Maina pots!! Cheap, easy, effective!

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    Airpots are worthless. They were originally designed for tree nurseries but failed miserably due to their inability to be easily or evenly watered.
    In a side by side comparison in my grow room I used 4 different pots (4 of each), root makers, airpots, smart/geo pots, and standard plastic. All pots had the same strain and I used the same nutrients.
    Airpots had the worst yield, used the most water ( this means more nutrients too), and made the biggest mess. To water them evenly I HAD to use a pump sprayer or else the water would just gush out of the holes. It ended up taking longer to water these 4 air pots than all 12 of the other pots.

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  11. Airpots are over-priced gimmicks designed to get novice growers to needlessly spend extra money on pots with the premise of better growth.  Don't let foolish claims of maximum growth trick you into paying more for worthless gimmicks.  A good plant can be produced in any type of pot when the grower understands how to water properly.  The best pot for the money is the free ones from your landscape installer buddy.
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  12. It may not be that the air pots in my garden are better because the holes but I use all smart pots the fabric type I have the 3 gallon and the 5 gallon bags. I also picked up 2 airpots the 7gal equivalent and planted two strawberry banana kush plants in them. These pots hold 5.6 gallons of soil so it may be that the roots just have more room but they dwarf the fabric pots. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1425315828.680060.jpg
    The two in the back are the air pots and the one in front is a fabric pot. The kush plants are also much younger then the bay 11 which is in the fabric pot. They receive the same feed and do well with watering if you take your time. Hope this helps. I've just bought 3 more of the airpots in the same size, and will buy the 5 gallon equivalent after this run of autos in the other tent. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1425316042.908455.jpg
  13. I didn't like smart pots or air pots. But you gotta try em before passing on them. Try a cheap 1 gallon of each one and see where that takes you?
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  14. Were they clones of the same plant?
  15. Yes

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  16. Best Solved With A Poll -/imo
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