Air output through dryer vent?

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  1. I plan to have a small grow op of no more than 4 plants in my apartment, in the room where the washer/dryer normally go but I don't have them. It's a convenient spot because there are two outlets kind of high up where they won't get wet, its not an open room and has a door, and the unused dryer vent is there. My landlord never bothers us and anytime maintenance needs to be done they have to give us 7 days notice.
    The only thing I am really worried about is odor coming out of the dryer vent. The air would of course go through a small carbon filter first but I have no first hand experience with how effective they are. We are in the upstairs apartment so an alternative could be to put it through the ceiling. Maybe I could regularly put dryer sheets inside the output vent so it actually smells like I'm doing laundry, lol.
    Is this too much of a risk? In the 6 months I've lived here I've only seen one cop on a suspicious activity call in the back alley. But I'm still worried they might happen by our vent and smell it. Or see it wit FLIR cameras.
  2. Both your ideas are sound, together you shouldn't have a problem! Carbon filters are pretty effective!

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  3. @[member="nomad881"] I sure hope so, haha.

    @[member="fearjar"] Oh wow they have a "fresh linen" scented one on Amazon, I'd never even heard of that, thanks.
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    Carbon filters scrub the scent while they are on. The scent will leak a lil directly outside when they are off. I vent all my hot air into the next room so I get sort of free heat for my apartment. I burn incense and a lot of weed to keep the smell down. Nobody's bothered me at all here about smell and I do my own maintenance work (except stuff like refrigerators and garbage disposals) to keep them out.
    I love it! :metal: :smoking: :bongin: :gc_rocks:
  6. The dryer vent should work nicely with your carbon filter. :smoking:
    The answers to ALL of your questions lie within...   :eek:
  8. PS...  I have had experience witrh the Phresh filter.  I grew/flowered and dried 3/4 of a pound of flower, and  NEVER smelled a thing unless the door to the grow was open...  it was literally like majic.  come to think of it,  I don't know if the house EVER smelled fresher...  lol
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