Air or Pax 3?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by NewSmoke15, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. I want to get a vaporizer soon to help with efficiency and smell. I'd like to get either the Arizer Air 2 or the Pax 3. Both are pretty expensive but I can save up after a while.

    Which would you guys suggest and why? And if you have another vaporizer that you think is better than either, I'd love to hear about it as well.

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  2. If you want true portability go with the pax

    I haven't tried the new air still have my original solo but doesn't hit like my £50 dynavap M so its gathering dust

    Look at the things that matter more to you people are different, the solo is definitely easier to maintain and clean compared to the pax line.

    You will need longer slower draws on the solo to get good clouds compared to the pax but the solo will be better quality vapor.

    Battery life is most likely important, i believe the pax is better from what i understand.

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  3. I love the Pax 3, however be advised that (in my opinion) the quality isn't that great. I just recently sent in my Pax 3 for the second time to get looked at because of issues. So I will have my third Pax 3 in less than a year of buying it (if they replace it again). The warrenty is great though so if sending it in doesn't bother you, the Pax will be worth it. Just my two cents.
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  4. Battery life on the Solo 2 is like 3 hours of vaping time.

    As far as vapes I have fallen in love with a vape that is under $200. The Tubo-Evic is an on demand convection vape with a temperature dial to limit upside temperature. here is the link to the thread on FC tubo evic.
  5. What a strange lookin thing what are the coils for though oils i guess
  6. Look at the FlightLab Lift. I’ve been putting it thru the paces of hard daily use and still love it after 6 months. No issues. Draws great. Good battery life. Nice vapor clouds. Easy to clean. My friend has a Pax 3 and it is nice too. I wasn’t crazy about the magnetic cover on the bottom of the unit but he says no issues. I think they’re priced comparably as well.
  7. PAX 3 all day, the quality is superb, they are small, stylish and you can eaily store them in your pocket. plus the haptic vibration feature is cool too.

    PAX 3 Vaporizer COMPLETE KIT

    They are actually on sale here and currently run a promo with the code WELCOME so you'd pay only around $220 for the complete package that has the Maintenance Kit and all the extra gadgets that usually cost $50 more.
  8. I'd with the the Air 2. Arizer is tried and true
    Quality vapor and it's efficient with replaceable batteries.
    I have an original Air that is working perfectly with the stock battery after 1.5 yrs.
  9. Tsunami 2. Vapor quality is almost on par with a mighty. It destroys a pax 3 or air though. Bigger clouds, less air retriction, less money and it doesnt destroy your herb as much while you're not taking hits as the air and pax because it's 90% convection. It also does concentrates like a champ.

    If you get it without a warranty its about 85 bucks, but you can get it with a lifetime warranty for 150. I have all three and I dont use the other two anymore unless friends come over and I dont want them slobbering all over my good piece.

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