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  1. Has anybody ever tried buy an air ionizer instead of running carbon fillters and such in their grow room, they r suposed to be pretty damn effective. Anybody have an input on this?


  2. I have a friend that has 2 really cheap ones they defiantly work. However near the end of the grow it started smelling real bad. Honestly put your money into a carbon filter or make your own.

  3. Hate to say it but all the reading I've done on those say to keep them out of the flower chamber as they impact the high.

    If you do use it to cut down on the smell.. make sure you're treating the air AFTER you've vented it from your flower chamber.

    I've heard a lot of success from people using the activated carbon filters for furnaces and such. They cut easy and one or two can be put over a vent without blocking TOO much air. :)
  4. Ah ryt, I wasnt meaning in the chrow chamber i was meaning like in the room where the grow chamber is, like say a stelath cab in a room, put the air ionizer in the room with the stealth cab not the cab itself. Would that work?

  5. As long as the box doesn't suck up fresh air from the room as well... I'd say you'd be fine.

    Try the new CFL Odor Eaters? Don't have the link but there are new bulbs that have a titanium dioxide layer on them that kills odors in the room.

    One or two of those and a glade plugin in the hallway and you'll be fine for a couple plants in a stealth box. :)

    Those activated carbon scrubber sheets for furnace filters work excellent as well. :)
  6. sweet i think i myt just build a simple carbon filter. get a beer can make it into a cylinder and put tights doubled over on each end and put activated carbon in the midle and attach it to my exhaust

    Sound okay?
  7. I just wonder if an ionizer might also eliminate needed co2 because of the electrical charged ions? Need a scientist to reply and answer that question. Good luck on whatever you decide to do though;

  8. Hrmm.. sounds decent for removing some smell. Might want to use a slightly larger can... wrap the carbon filter on each end as well and you should be fine.

    I'm considering putting a couple of the CFL odor eaters into the flower chamber itself to minimize most of the smell before it's even exhausted out through the fan.

    The odor eating technology is completely passive and won't harm the plants at all. (Unless there's something about Titanium dioxide and heat I'm missing here??)

    The lights themselves can be used to brighten up the darker areas of the flower chamber as well!

    As far as I'm concerned... these new lights are a win-win situation! Now I just need to pick up a few. :)
    (ALL the lights in my house are CFL's anyway... depending on how 'stinky' your hobby gets.. I don't see why you couldn't replace your existing lights with these in EVERY ROOM!)

  9. im using 3x cfl odor eaters. they are miniature ionizers, and put out 1500 lumens of 2700k light @ 21 watts which isnt bad.

    3 of these odor eating cfls will destroy so much of the smell, when you open your growbox you will not smell a single thing unless you put your nose right up to the soil or buds.

    dont just buy 1 or 2, but 3. they are $9.50 each and last 4 years. the carbon filter is great, i made one from 100 dollars worth of equipment (including inline fan), but its a hell of a lot of upkeep, its hard to make a really good one that pulls a lot of air, and its bulky as hell. if your under 5 plants i recommend odor eating cfls.
  10. [sarcasm] Greeaaaaaat! [/sarcasm]

    So... if the information about ionizers killing the potency is correct... these bulbs would do the same thing... *grrrr*

    That means they go on in all the rooms of the house but the one the box draws fresh air from. Small can scrubber and it'll be just fine.

    If someone can post definitive research as to whether or not the odor eater bulbs impact potency in this way, I'd love to hear about it.

    List of potency no-nos I've accumulated so far.....

    No glass shields between plants and bulbs
    No plexiglass shields between plants and bulbs
    No ozone in the room
    No ionizers in the room
    No chemicals in the room

    Can anyone think of any others? Possibly relating to nutrients or something?
  11. Ive seen a few of those odor eating CFL's about on the internet, really hard to come across in the uk though, it sucks. There are a few websites stock them but for 10 quid a pop......

    I myt just stick to a carbon filter and then get myself the odor eating cfl's.

  12. I'm gonna bump this thread in the hopes of some more replies. Seems like an interesting topic. So...

    Is this worth it? Does it actually work? Does it harm the plants, or reduce potential bud quality?

    Like to hear some more feedback.
  13. Ive used ionizers during complete cycles manytimes and if it hurt the potentcy I sure havent does work very well at killing the smell though.

  14. When you say you used ionizers. Does that mean you used the bulbs, or you used some other sort of air killer thing?
  15. electronic type is what I use.
  16. I differ about ozone affecting potency. My buddy and I grew identical plants. He used no odor control and I used an ozone jr. There was a definate difference in smell and taste, his won hands down. But the potency was the same. I don't recommend the ozone machine though, towards the end of flowering, the stink begins to creep out. Get a carbon filter.

  17. i thought that negative ion generators were beneficial to growing plants? so something like a smarter image ionic breeze quadra should not be used?
  18. there are actually 2 types of electronic ionizers,the good ones use high voltage static charges to create the ions,this type kills bacteria and mold and repels dust ect,the other type uses low voltage current to make the ions and does not kill bacteria and mold,but does help in cleaning the air and replacing negative ions in indor envirments.both types work in covering up odors,the later just isnt as good.

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