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  1. Listening to CCR---Down on the Corner, while stoned I started playin air drums w/ the music.

    Ok, after being repeatadly ragged on for this, Have any other mucians ever been stoned and played with the radio on an imaginary instrument?...or am i just wierd?
  2. heh, yea I'm the master as shredding the air guitar. With me its really weird, because it looks JUST like how the dudes are playing, so my friends are all like "uhh.. usually when you do that you're supposed to have an ACTUAL guitar." yeah, I'm a dork.
  3. I play multiple air instruments. :p Mostly while listening to music. Not so much while seeing it live or just out of the blue.
  4. HAHA! I do this not stoned.
  5. I play guitar, so If something good is on, I usually act like I'm strumming with my hand everytime the guitarist strums, and for drums, I just tap my feet on the ground.
  6. i do it if im trying to figure a song out sometimes. it just helps for some reason.
  7. One time on a burn cruise, my buddy debuted the "dashboard keyboard" for the piano part in 'Roadhouse Blues'

    Naturally, I had to invent the "gas pedal wah-pedal"
  8. Its kinda cool that drummin is alot of muscle memory, and while blazed to the point eratic can still tap it out like u wrote it.
  9. I've done the air bass on a few Deep Purple songs... Done the air guitar and drums on other random songs while high and into the music.
  10. Haha, one of the main local bars where I live has a night called Air Band. Basically you get a few people, get really drunk, and perform a song with air instruments right on stage. The best part: it's by far their most popular night!!!! (Saturdays I think).
  11. i play so many air instruments, sometimes when im rockin out and i start jamming on my air guitar, i want to play drums as well, and then bass, then guitar again, my mind goes crazy trying to play so many air instruments at once!
  12. Black Dog.

    Hands down my favorite song to Air Guitar to. :p

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