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Air guitar and air drums when blazed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nathan, May 18, 2010.

  1. Does anyone else do this? When I'm really high and a song comes up I'll jam the fuck out pretending to play guitar or drums.
  2. when im high, i love nothing more than jamming the hell out of a led zeppelin song on the air guitar! :D
  3. it's all about rush for me! i always do air drums to tom sayer.

  4. I'd have to say that air-guitaring to some iron maiden, dio (rest in peace \m/) or sabbath is definitely the shit when you're high...

    Though air drumming is awesome too :D
  5. air drums


  6. naaa, im more into headbanging. or head shaking.

    or a combo of banging and shaking.
  7. Yea dude especially when your super duper high and you add it to CEV it's intense.
  8. Absolutely.

    I get super into it, not gonna lie.
  9. if my real guitar is too far away
  10. I usually get on my drumkit and bash away. Love playing guitar and drumming blazed. Seems to loosen you up alot more and actually manage to play better.
  11. hell yeah i do it all the time i really like goin to the club blazed cause i dont give a fuck il grind with any hoes and i just go fuckin crazy
  12. Lol it's all about that air guitar to enter the sandman :D
  13. and my friends will sometimes have and air band when a good song comes and were baked, lol its so funny
  14. Yea man I go pyscho on the Hendrix & the hotel california/stairway to heaven solo =) :hello:
  15. & air drumming is awesome especially @ 3:19 in this song :hello: :
    [ame=]YouTube - Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight[/ame]
  16. sweet. I'm clearly not the only one who does this. :smoke:
  17. my favorites are air guitar and air bass (especially air slap bass)

    if im listening to fleet foxes or battle of evermore i enjoy playing air mandolin also
  18. I used to play air guitar, then I got a real one so now i don't have to pretend.:)
  19. yep a lot, all the time with friends ahaha, singing is fun too.

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