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  1. I was smoking with my friend in his room, blowing it out a window. After we finished a bowl I started packing another, and before we started it, he decided to spray some air freshener, and some landed on the fresh packed bowl.
    The weird thing was, the hits were really smooth, but the first hit of the bowl knocked me back. I started weezing and got a immediate rush, and continued coughing for probably about 5 more minutes. My friend got the cherry of that hit and started coughing obnoxiously also. We ended up finishing the bowl
    I was stoned off my ass, shutting my eyes, I visualized myself in a perspective we dont normally see. I saw myself from a 3rd person view in everything ive ever done, instead of a first person, and was able to see how I looked infront of other people. I thought to myself, that this was going to fuck me over because now I'll be wondering what I seem like in other peoples perspective, so I opened my eyes. Now it was even more odd, I seemed to have enabled that visual of me in 3rd person, and I was now seeing that and my normal first person vision, both with my eyes open. I walked to the other side of the room and layed down... it was incredibly comfortable, felt like nirvana. So as I layed there listening to my friend's phone playing a song, I was staring at blinds, they started to move and took the shapes of women, and animated like a music video to the song. It wasent a full continued sequence, rather single images or a short clip of a girl turning around or something.

    Then I started to stare blankely into the roof, this probably sounds retarded but it was cool as fuck. I saw the face of an old stereotypical man, that was spiraling around my feild of vision. Even though I could tell it dident resemble anything to be real, it was like the picture was on a computer screen infront of me
    Its amazing what the mind can do when stimulated

    So the air freshener probably dident have anything to do with it, and is just my imagination but that hit fucked me up!
  2. Great now all the idiots that down cough medicine to get high are gonna see this and start spraying febreeze on their weed. lol
  3. ahaha nice story bro.
  4. aw man i hate it when i get air freshener in my mouth
  5. exactly what I thought...

    They're gonna start selling fuckin Glade behind the counter now

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