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air flow while remaining light -tight

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by miramoxie, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. in a closet..on a budget..any suggestions?
  2. thanks bro, i like your sn :)
  3. lol thanks, anytime.
  4. heres a better question why does my boyfriend always hand me a cashed ass pipe? lol
  5. lol cuz the only two things that are sure to pry a bowl from a guy is a promise of more weed and sex.
  6. hey that article was very helpfull, do u have a growroom?
  7. Glad to be useful.

    This is my first grow-

    And here's my current grow-

    It's not turning out like I'd hoped, having started out with 25 good germinated seedlings, but now only with 10 good plants that I'm currently sexing. I think I got bad advice on container size and this is severely limiting my grow, but w/e.

    Are you trying to light-proof a container for a growbox or something similar? You should start a journal if you are, the people here can give you some amazing criticism. That and I really want to see your grow.
  8. thanx for the info, i plan to start a grow room in my closet, but i am trying to get the most information first before my first attempt. im just doing alot of reading and trying not to ask stupid questions lol.
  9. Great! I cant wait to see your journal if you decide to start one. Dont be afraid to ask questions. The more you ask, the quicker you'll learn.
  10. hey the link didnt help me. im still with the same Q how to get a fan blowing in a closet withoutlight leak. i had exaust like the link before but i moved to a closet and i cant put a hole in the door. now i just have the door craked in the daytime, but i need that nighttime breeze.

  11. Time to think out side the box, can't put hole in door, how about replacing it with a cheap door that you can?

    Mira, its better to ask a dumb question than to do it wrong. Checkout the following ppl's grows...dierwolf, Augustwest, smokingjoe68, Mr Postman, spanishfly...I could go on and on but these will be a real good start. After you have done some reading decide what growing method you are going to use, hydro or soil and get the proper medium. What lights you are going to use, you can't have to much light. And finally what control/monitoring devices you will need.

    Hope this helps.
  12. thanx chimera that does help, how do i locate these members grow journals? sorry im new. i didnt want to cut a hole in my door either but i figured i had to figure something for the flowering stage to keep it dark so im just going to cut twos holes in the wall by the door, i like the ventilation system on the link above it seems simple enough and he was very helpful doing it step by step and then i will fill the holes back up with sheet rock and plaster & paint before i move out. sheetrock is probably cheaper than a new door, besides cheap doors are weird on the inside, its like particle board thats hard to work with, and could crack easily allowing light through. whaddya think? i just gotta make sure i dont try to cut a hole in the wall where theres a beam, lol i figured that would be a dumb girly mistake
  13. by the way i know exhaust vent on the top and air intake on the bottom [wink]
  14. To allow air but not light you need to build a light trap. There are infinite ways to do this, but the basic idea is that light travels in a straight line but air can bend around corners, so build a non-linear path for the air.

    What I have done is build a couple of "S" shapes out of pvc pipe and fittings -- about an 8 inch segment of straight pipe and a 90 elbow at either end. Spray paint the insides of these parts flat black before assembly to eliminate light reflecting and passing through. Cut a hole the same size as the pipe, put the pipe through, seal around with caulk, then put the elbows on. Attach a fan as needed.

    For other ideas try googling "light trap."
  15. toasty your a plethera of knowledge, thanx, i just need to know what kinda fan model to get, i want to make a list and go into home depot .
  16. The kind of fan, and how and where it is attached, depends on many factors.

    If for intake you don't need much, in fact I just use passive intake and have focused on facilitating good exhaust. For an exhaust fan you probably want some type of inline fan, one that fits into the exhaust pipe. Home Depot has a 6" one for about $25. You can get ones online that run quieter.

    Depending where you are exhausting the best to use if you can, IMO, is the Stanley blower. It draws way more than any inline fan and runs about $40 at Wal-Mart (at least used to).
  17. when u say passive intake you mean just like air coming through the cracks of the door, i understand that blowing air out will automatically draw air in, but this leads to another question when it needs to be dark in my closet grow room, will light leaking in through the cracks be too much light, i went in my closet and shut the door and it is pitch black to my eye inside..but there is a tiny bit of light through the cracks will i need to figure something out to prevent this? or is a miniscule amount okay?
  18. light traps are shit imo & ducting bends add to noise - which u don't want!
    best method is cut a big wide ass hole & staple or tape carbon cooker hood filter matting over it - both sides if u have to.
    stops bugs getting in stops smells & light getting out.

    u will need to replace it every few months but is really cheap - have a look in ur local electrical appliance shop ;)

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