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Air Filtration

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ZootedCuteKid, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. so i live with a roommate, and basically im living there for free. He does not smoke weed, but is in no way against it, we both share the house he has the top floor i have the "basement". I recently asked him if he would mind if i smoked in the basement, and he told me as long as the upstairs doesn't smell its no bigge. So today i decide to rip my bong for about a hour, and went up stairs and smelt a little from just me going in and out of the basement. Is there any like air filtration system or something i can put together that will control the aroma in the basement to a sub normal level?
  2. Incense. They work wonders around my house. 4 of us smoke daily, inside, and the house smells fine.
  3. incense like aaa said, or candles, open windows and/or have a fan going, some type of ventilation. you should be alright. maybe also stay in the farthest corner from the stairs or w/e. :smoke:
  4. I got a air filtration works great, and taped all the cracks.
  5. If you want an actual air scrubber...

    eBay My World - foothill-carbon-filters

    One of those fan/filter combos would do the trick, providing the room isn't too large. The 8" w/240CFM fan would clear a standard sized room easily. These filters are also refillable, so when the carbon is exhausted (depending on size it should last a year or more) you can replace it easily. Loose filter carbon is cheap.

    These scrubbers have been used in grow-rooms successfully (based on reports I've read) so I'm sure they could scrub some simple smoke out of a room.

  6. Smoke hash. Oil smells way less than bud. Some BHO will definitely do the trick.
  7. Get an air filter. I have one in my apartment and it works fine. Then again, my roommate smokes too so smell isn't really an issue.
  8. i got a air filter and taped up the room , and what not and its not to bad after like 20 minutes of airing.

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