Air filtration Question.

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  1. I have been bouncing the idea around to grow maybe in the future.
    Since where I live now has become medicaly legal.
    If I were to want to filter the air in the grow space to keep smell down.

    How would I go about that?

    I have looked into various fans and carbon filters.
    My question about them is do they need a exhaust fan out of the grow space?
    Or does it filter the air in the room and spit it back out?

    Or could I go with maybe a couple large ionic air filters with mini carbon filters in them? and they would just filter out the room that they're in.

    any suggestions or informative links would be great.
  2. you don't have to exhaust the air out of the growroom...but most do because it also removes heat buildup. If you're running more then a few hundred watts of equipment it will raise the ambient temps considerably and the heat will need to be removed or cooled.

    You could attach a filter directly to a fan and just hang it in the room...this would be a recirculating filter and would continuously filter the air. How much filtering you would need would depend on how much plants/buds there are in the room.

    You can hook up the filter either way...recirculating the and cleaning the air in the room, or cleaning the air before it gets exhausted out.

    I don't know much about the ionic stuff...

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