air extraction problems(carbon filter placement), please help

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  1. i have a question:
    I am doin my first room ever ,using bathroom for vegetative and bedroom for flowering.
    I have a problem with putting holes in the ceiling of the flowering room, but i must do something about moving/circulating some air and also the smell.
    so my question is: can i put a carbon filter with a vortex fan on the top of it so at least the air will be filtered and circulated? I understand extracting it would be the way to go but will just filter/fan be better then just a fan with no filter'?
    and if i can put the filter in the room with no extraction ,will it help if i run a duct from the fan which will be sucking air through the carbon filter and run the duct across the room so it blows the filtered air on the other side of the room?
  2. does said bedroom have a window?
  3. it would work at reducing odor, but you're going to want to have fresh cool air to replace the hot stank.
  4. bedroom has a window but i prefer not to use it. I am surrounded by houses and the only way i feel comfortable is using the attic.1 house(next door house) is only feet away & the other (behind)is maybe 80 feet away maybe i boarded up the windows and sealed them.any ideas?????????????
  5. does the room get used for anything other than growing? does it have air vents for A/C-Heat? if so maybe you could disconnect the A/C duct from the vent in the attic and you could vent your grow room through the A/C vent into the attic.
  6. I dont use it for anything else and it does have an ac if i use the ac vent to extract what do i do about an intake? or can i do it without an intake?
  7. if you crack the window, the exhaust fan in the attic will create a vacuum and draw air in through the window. if you dont want to keep a window cracked open, you may not have to. if the crack under the door is big enough, the vacuum can suck air from the house through the crack under the door. as long as the room is not completely air-tight, the vacuum created by the fan should draw in enough air, that is IF you have a good fan.
  8. so do u think putting another hole in the ceiling on the other side of the room will also work?instead of the door crack or the window?
  9. also i though if i leave the a/c vent as is and put 1 hole for extraction, would the a/c vent act as an inlet,also i am in a vary vary hot climate over 100f in the summer, so 1 way or another that room will need a/ will that at all work?
  10. i guess that last idea wouldnt work
  11. Do the carbon filter on a fan in the room circulating (scrubber) and then get a window air conditioner. No heat issues ever, and nothing to look out of the ordinary. Just open the door to give it fresh air once in a while.
  12. odorsock 8 inch or 10 inch for a 12X11X8 room(1056cf)?
  13. also thanx for helpin its great i found ppl to answer my questions so fast

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