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  1. So guys n girls I'm having a tad of an issue for a couple hours of each day but I think it's going to progress as the summer perks up!!

    Basically I recently swapped my times over from lights on at 6am till 12am to lights on at 6pm thru to 12 in the afternoon (18hrs on 6 hrs off) to cut out the "hot period" of the day, which yeah it has worked by a degree or so, But now what's happening is, maybe an hour before the lights come on the temps are like 24c lights off!! And when the lights come on that soon turns to 30c!! But only for a while until the sun gets off the room where the tent is sitting, I have a 6inch Thermostatic extractor to help maintain temps, Running a 600w HPS light with 3 monkey fans blowing around the tent which is 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.0m or for those that work in cm, 120cm x 120cm x 200cm lol...

    Anyway after the sun goes it is perfectly fine for the rest of the duration of the lights on period as it runs thru the night, But I can see this being a problem when I come to budding as I'm only in veg still about a month away from flower, and summer is only just begun and apparently we're in for a hot one, which I'm not happy with lol!!!

    The tent can't be moved, I do have an airvent running from a window sucking direct air from outside into the tent, but is there anyway I could cool that couple of hours down until the outside temp drops? I'm considering aircon but I wonna try other methods first....

    Any advice would be appreciated ✌✌

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  2. Assuming you have an exhaust fan, maybe you could reverse it, and suck cool room air into the tent, and exhaust hot air to the outside.
    LEDs are cooler, and some people have HPS light hoods that can be air cooled.
  3. Thanks for the reply mate, Yeah I do have am exhaust fan it's Thermostatic so it adjusts itself to whatever temp I set it to, I thought about aircooled hoods but ideally it's not needed, I just need to bring my temps down a degree or two in the night and day temps, the worst bit is the lights off temps in which case an aircooled hood would be doing nothing other than something good to look at lol, I'm considering air con but that's my last resort

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