air-cooled reflector wiring?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Dr.Doe, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. What does it mean when a reflector comes with a built in socket and cord? can I still use my original ballast? If so can i have a few tips for wiring, If not then what do i have to do to use a air-cooled reflector, buy a bare ballest? Really appreciate the replies.
  2. It means the socket and cord are built in the reflector and you dont have to wire it yourself.
  3. yeah but I already have a ballast thats wired to the socket, do I have re-wire it to the reflector?
  4. Well dont take the socet out of the reflector unless its easy to take out. You dont want to break anything. If you cant take it out then im pretty sure youll have to wire your ballast to that socket. Your socket doesnt detach from your ballast???
  5. well I dunno if you already purchased it but, if you already have a socket and ballast of your own then you should prolly just look for an air cooled reflector itself and buy that, then you would prolly save some money cuz your not paying extra for the socket and wiring.
  6. No i haven't bought one yet, Yeah thats what i'm probably gonna do if not i'm sure I can get them to hook it up for me. Not sure if it detaches, most likely though. It's a yellow 1000w hps.

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