Air cooled reflector and glass cover

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  1. Hey guys, I just upgraded to a 6in vortex fan and will be connecting it to a Sun System-Super Sun Reflector that has a 400 watt MH Bulb. On the other side of the reflector I have a charcaol filter being exhausted through it. Do I need do use the pane of glass that came with the refector to get better results? I was using the reflector with out the glass, and it was creating a lot of heat. So I got a bigger fan and was wondering if it made a difference or not if I used it. I wasnt sure and didnt want to risk breaking it. Any help would be awesome. THANKS PEACE
  2. The glass will cut down on heat even more. I have used both reflectors with and without and having the glass installed and drawing air across it enclosed works much better.
  3. thanks for the advice. i was just deciding whether to get an air cooled hood or not... well, not really. i have to get it either way, my master kushes are showing heat stress. nonetheless, my hydro setup with them is killer and i couldnt ask for better growth. i may have to ease up on the N if i dont want overfert problems, so much growth in 5 days, the roots are scaring me right now.

    i connected ducting to inline fan and strapped it to a 400w (basically like having no glass) and it is sucking so far. going to the hydro supply tomorrow, no question about it.
  4. Think about that for a second....

    If you dont have the glass on it , but you have the filter on the other side, your making your filter useless....
  5. The glass you buy for the reflector is usually a tempered glass, which makes it very good at containing the heat. If you run that vortex fan through the light and out of your growing area, you will easily keep your grow tent at least room temp.

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