Air Cooled Hoods, What Kind Of Duct Work?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by bluntzfosho, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Hey GC,
                 Im trying to figure out what kind of ducting to run with my YieldmasterII 6" hood.  The easy answer is 6" flex duct, but im looking for something neater.  Anyone know of an accordian style (retractable) duct hose like on some of those Rigid shop vac's?   If so, please provide a website as ive been unable to locate such a thing.

  2. what would be the purpose of retracting it?
    You should have it stretched as tightly as possible for the purpose of better air flow.
    For me I find that the cheap crap from a grow store works best. Get the stuff black on inside and its all good. The reason I do this is that it gets dirty in there over time and I want to replace it not clean it. I can buy many boxes of it for the cost of a dust filter locally. It is far sturdier than it looks. It is not that I am cheap but I see no valid reason to use expensive flexible duct if you never move it. In that case if you want to use higher quality I would suggest using ridig metal ducting for the best air flow you can get really. Costs more but it will not leak or fail once properly in place. I actually use a mix of cheap and ridig at corners if I have any.
  3. Function over looks my man. Just run flexible ducting as tight as you can, and make sure you suck the air across it and not blow it across it and it's pretty straight forward, the fan location really doesn't matter. 
  4. i forgot to mention that the light will be on YoYos so it will need to be adjustable, I guess regular ol' flex duct it is.  thanks for the input, guys.
  5. Anything acoustic.

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