Air cooled hood closet grow setup issue

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  1. Hey guys, I just ordered a 600W ipower HPS/MH air cooled hood. It should be here tommorow but the thing is now I'm thinking I should send it back and get a cool tube with 6' reflector. I looked up which to use and saw most people use air cooled hoods. I don't really wanna have to do all this duct work/ventilation stuff. Spending the extra money isn't a big issue it's just the work of setting it up. Plus I'm in a closet which is around 2x7. I probably should have just got the cool tube much easier and I don't plan on doing too many plants just 4 or 5 autos max
  2. What do you guys think lol ill probably have to spend a lot more for inline fan ccffm 440 and stuff plus the work of setting it up i don't wanna make any holes in the walls lol
  3. cool tubes are air cooled hoods and need a fan also...get a 6" ipower fan
  4. I have 4 Cool Tubes that are all 600 watts each. I have them all connected to a 6 inch fan drawing air through them all. I can keep my tubes 6 inches above the canopy with no heat issues.
  5. What do you guys think lol ill probably have to spend a lot more for inline fan ccffm 440 and stuff plus the work of setting it up i don't wanna make any holes in the walls lol
    Thanks for the replies ill look into buying the ipower fan for sure
  6. I just don't wanna have all that aluminum stuff I don't mind buying the fans
  7. Hey travel how much watts of hps are you running that you need 4 cool tubes, wouldn't I just need one? And can't I buy a cool tube and put it on my air cooled hood
  8. I might buy another for my 150w hps but so far I haven't needed one for it lol
  9. I run 4 per tent so 2400 watts per 4'x8' tent...each tent usually contain 4 large plants that have vegged for 90 days or more so they are quite large. With the carbon filter, I suck the air directly out of the tent and into my man's room with no oder. I also have a box fan in the window sucking the room air outside so the room stays cool.
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    SLH after 110 days of veg. Flipping to 12/12 tomorrow :). They are getting droopy as it is sleepy time. It will be lights out in a half hour.

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  11. I think you're confused what a cool tube is...are you thinking of an ice box? you would need a water chiller for that and its easier to just cut a can vent right into the room if you have an ac or its cool enough but its so much nicer if you can get the hot air out of the area...I use these rubber coated ducts which stops pinhole leaks and just hold up better in general

    WOW, makes me wonder how you avoid being root bound.
  13. Fair question. These are in 3 gallon air pots and it is a science to keep them fed correctly. It is a trick I learned from an old Seattle hippie with Super Lemon Haze. Root bound during veg with a specific organic tea to keep them lively and healthy. Tomorrow before the switch, they will be transplanted to 7 gallon pots and the flowering period is incredible. With the switch and added space, they go crazy but the roots must be air pruned prior to the transplant. If they were in regular pots, this technique would not work and probably would kill them.
  14. They are drinking 2 gallons per plant every other day right now!
  15. Nice one travel legit setup for sure bro, mine is much smaller lol. I didn't get a cool tube I ordered the "air cooled hood" w.e that is lol
  16. I took my ac out but it's winter here so controlling temps with be easier for sure. I've never used a cooled hood but looking at other ppl pictures they have aluminum stuff out the sides... I don't want that really. Which is why I'm considering opting out for a cool tube. I can always send it back and get the cool tube with reflector
    Cool, yea I was wondering as basic grow methods would have 110 day old plants root bound. I was thinking you may be running 20+ gallon planters which would not be out of line for growing large plants.
    Good organic teas are real miracle workers.
    Now days my plants dont have a long life and 110 day veg in hydro would be a freaking tree I d be hanging a 1,000w per plant and would need 40 gallon buckets.
  18. I trust any old hippies from Washington or Some damn good growers to learn from....
    So many people have been growing for years and now weed is legal there is no problem growing the big monsters on a legal medical grow.
    It makes a world of difference when you dont have to keep them short and small. My outdoor harvest rocked!
  20. I think as far as indoor grows go, Colorado and Washington top the list. Outdoors though, I would have to give it to Cali and Washington. What were you growing outdoors?

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