Air Cooled Hood Carbon Filter?

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  1. Hey guys I'm looking at getting the last of my equipment for my first indoor grow

    So I have a tent, Centrifugal fan + ducting, and my digital ballast and lamps,

    I wanted to buy a air cooled hood (not a cool tube) but I don't see how I'm going to have that in there with a carbon filter which is essential for me,

    Is it possible to have both?

  2. It is quite possible as long as you have the physical space available. Many people, myself included, use both.
  3. Thanks for the reply but can you give me abit of a 'how to' with rigging it up? Because it doesn't seem possible to me

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    It depends on your setup where everything will fit. The rest is pretty much common sense. Connect ducting between the hood and filter, the other side to your fan pulling air through. Here is mine

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  5. For some reason I never thought of that I thought I'd have to have 2 separate pieces of ducting and maybe even 2 fans, thanks for the photo helps alot

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