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  1. My 600 watt hps should be arriving today. It has a air cooled hood. I am ordering a tent and fan filter combo hopefully today. Any suggestions on the coverage of the light? 4x4, 5x5, or 6x6? Should I get a seperate fan for venting straight through the hood and a fan filter combo for the tent or run a larger fan filter combo through the tent to the hood and out? Any suggestions are appreciated
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  2. A 4 or 6" exhaust fan (depending on the size of your tent) with a vent hose hooked up to the reflector hood of your 600 watt light settup would be good. If your light is adjusted to a low setting for new plants and your tent is tall, keep the vent hose off of the reflector hood and positioned up high to vent out the warm air that rises.
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  3. What size tent do you think would work best with 600 watts?
  4. A 600 watt light settup will cover easily a 6' x 6' area, but you want a tent with enough floor space for you to move in and out and move around comfortably in and give each plant "enough" room. I never like to let my plants touch by the way. How much room do have to put your tent?
  5. With a 4x4 I run a 1k, personally I would think 600w in a 4x4 would be a good choice to be able to stay away from having to go to huge cfm fans. Intake and exhaust should be equal or at best slightly less on the intake than the exhaust creating a slight negitive pressure ensureing that the filter will doing its job to peak.

    Take a gander at my journal I got pics showing my tent setups and look through other journals to see different setups and stuff
  6. Yeah don't make my mistake. I tried a 600W in a tiny grow tent. Give it its proper size based on that 50-75Wpsf deal so 8-12 sqft. Definitely get/make a cool tube. Here's a nice tutorial I used. DIY Cool tube setup CHEAP. - The Garden's Cure

    It puts out a good amount of heat without a reflector w/shield or a cool tube. So you really want to consider those unless you have AC going directly into the unit.
  7. 600 in a 4x4 is pretty sweet
  8. Im thinking 5x5 or 6x6. My hood is vented and shielded so I dont think heat will be an issue. I found a 400 cfm fan filter combo that I think I will use. Does this sound about right? I used cfls up til now so I want to step up to a setup that I will use for a while.
  9. Should be good as long as you can keep a little AC on it every now adn then. No way to tell until you test it really lol. I think you'll be ok with a big room like that. I was retarded and attempted to take on a 600W in a 5sqft space.
  10. My light just arrived a few minutes ago. I guess I am ordering a tent and fan later tonight. Has anyone used the tents from ebay?
  11. That should be fine like I said I have 1k in a 4x4 and my 600w connected together just for the lamps w/540cfm and temps are fine. With less heat and a bigger space you should be able to maintain a great enviroment. So are you planning a passive intake?
  12. Ya def a passive intake. I want a nice setup but cheap as possible. The only thing I was thinkin bout upgrading to later would be hydro and CO2. That will probably be a while though
  13. I read that if you are getting fresh air from outside, you don't need CO2. Makes sense too because plants growin outside now without CO2 units.
  14. I was using co2 but it just gobbles it up, to make it cost effective and worth while you really need a co2 generator and a ppm co2 controller. Both of which will set ya back a pretty penny. I was able to even have my tent in a closed loop so it didnt just kick it out at first exhaust.
  15. Im waiting on my seeds now. I ordered some crimea blue and burmese kush. I am stoked to try those out. Hopefully in a couple weeks I will start my next grow.

  16. I am currently growing in a 4x4 Sun Hut grow tent, but the actual dimensions are closer to 5x5. I have a 400 hps w/ CFLs in it right now because I couldn't upgrade my light this time around, but it could easily house an aircooled 600w or even 1000w hood. I have some pics of my setup in my 2nd grow journal, you should check it out. You could probably use a similar exhaust system with a bigger light and a 400 cfm fan
  17. Not to bump on your thread but i got the same ?. I plan on getting this Complete Tent Set from'-x-4'-x-65'.asp< It has a upgraded light with it. Its a 600 watt Air Cool Complete w/fan.... My ? is do you think the 600 watt will be to big even though it is Air Cooled and light heat wont build up in tent??
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    Hi. Im going to add a 3rd aircooled hood.iv bought a rhino pro 8" 600mm long carbon filter with can max pro 8"..twin speed goes up to 1230 mh3. I want 2 has 600 watt on the ends and a 400 mh in the middle. Do you think this will be enough to cool..also got 6" intake.and a spare rvk 6" l1 660 mh3..if needed..can someone tell me please thanks

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    8x4x7 tent

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