air coolable, cooltube, or inline air reflector?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mjboy, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. whats better and what do you recommend?
  2. i just happened to have picked up a cooltube a couple weeks ago. took room temps from 85+ to 78-80. i would definitely recommend it.
  3. i've heard mixed things about cooltubes. They work well for ventilating heat, however the reflector is one of the most ineffecient for light.
  4. cooltubes are great for heat and space but are somewhat inefficent on light but if you have the space get a air cooled reflector it leaves a better light foot print.
  5. ok cool , anyone else?
  6. Air cooled hood all the way.. you don't want to sacrifice light if you don't have to, and that's exactly what you'd be doing given the choices and choosing a cooltube.

  7. +1 if you got the room hood for the win.. check out

  8. yea im getting that one. i have enough room (a whole garage) so im good
  9. High! me fellow smokers!

    I am new to this whole growing thing, but want to try bringing up my own plants,here in Germany, in order to be independent from phony dealers and the criminal touch all know what I mean...
    I was wondering if any one of you has some experience with LED growing lights? Are they worht their price? And cooling tubes wouldn`t be nescesary am i right? Also one would be able to place the lights close to the canape... Clarifying answers would be great!
    And another noob question for you: If I have a 1.5ft x 1.5ft. room is an outtakefan combined with two passive vent intakes and a wall mounted fan enough to have fresh air circulating?

    with kindest and highest regards :smoking:

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