air conditioning?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cuntie, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. preparing for my first attic grow.

    well its pretty hot up there, today i took a digi thermometer up there and it was like 88 degrees and it was only about 70 outside ( clear day, strong sun )...and the summers here get to 90 hottest

    anyways, theres a vent pipe about 10 inches wide leading from the attic outside the roof...does anyone think using a small ( 5k btu ) air conditoiner hooked up to the exhaust pipe would work to cool the area down a notch?
  2. Wait... you want to put the A.C. connected to the exaust of your box? doesnt seem like it would cool the box very much, now would it? Maybe if you built a box around your box then the A.C. in the new box? maybe im just misunderstanding what your saying tho
  3. nuuuuuuuu, AC blowing cool air into grow room = cold

    AC having exhaust ducting taking the hot air the AC produces and venting it out the attic air vent = good.
  4. But wouldnt that not cool down the growbox? i dont know... fuck it, lol im kinda drunk right now and tired from taping all this damned aluminum foil (i know... just temporary until i can get some plastic spraypaint) to my rubbermaid growbox. i'd just ignore what ive said and wait for someone who's a little more "not-drunk" to come along and help :)

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