Air conditioning tricks.

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  1. I'm seeking creative ideas.

    I need to ac a whole small room. I can get a portable unit but the difficulty is I can not vent it outside the room. There is no windows, no attic, and can't put holes in walls.

    Anyone have any creative idea how to deal with the hot air being exhausted from the ac?

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  2. Youtube search for swamp bucket
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  3. I can't do one of those. I need to dehumidify quite a bit also.

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  4. Nothin? Nobody has any ideas???? :/

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  5. If money isn't an issue I'm sure you can find a solution like one of those water cooled A/C systems
  6. Money isn't really an issue, but portability is a must. But the water/evapororative a.c. create humidity, and my humidity is too high as is. I am looking at a.c. and dehumidifier in one units.

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  7. Buy a cheapo door from a salvage yard and mount the exhaust through it to a nearby window or something. Will look weird, but would work. If it's through your living area get an insulated air duct so the heat from it won't warm up your living area it's going through.
  8. I can't ventilated outside the room. Just gotta trust me, there's no windows, no way to vent out.

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  9. I'm in the same situation so i'm interested in seeing if anyone has any ideas. only way for me to get the heat out is to keep the door open, but I can't do that when I'm not home. The only way out of my grow room is the door, or the drain (sink/toilet). Crazy idea, but any way to vent air into the drain?
  10. Sounds to me like ac is just one of many problems you're about to run into. If you can't setup an exhaust to exchange the air you're wasting time and money. Not mention bringing fresh air in. If smell is your issue there's many ways to combat that. However from the sounds of it, with money not being an option, either move, or setup a shed

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  11. you can't not exhaust air....unless u used a mini split in which case u will still need to knocc a hole in the wall to run the pipes and wire.....if you can't punch a hole in the wall then you may have to rig up something using your door way as an option for exhausting the room, like cutting the door a certain ways down from the top, nail it shut n cut holes for ducting/piping and wire.

    if this is not an option quit while your ahead...speaking of which you'll have to ducc under the door when you enter then room if you do decide to go that route i mentioned before
  12. I have a portable A/C rite now and it works for my needs but it wreaks havoc on my electricity bill...I'm changing to duct fans shortly and wouldn't advise on using a portable unless it is extremely necessary or like what i may do, keep it around for emergencies.
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  13. How many of those portable ac units have you went thru? I tried 3 different brands in one year and lost faith. Seems like you gotta drop a serious dime to get a good portable unit

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  14. I use a Haier 8,000 BTU portable and it works well but it uses a shit load of electricity.

    Haier 8,000 BTU Portable AC - HPRB08XCM

    all you need is window to vent through. Also comes w a dehumidifier but you can only use one or the other at once.

    Like Fari warrior said, you wan't to have it as a last resort, if you can take care of temps without it then it's a lot better.

    good to have though during the middle of summer to keep my temps at or below 80.
  15. Yea, I've given up on the a.c. idea temporarily. I can't cut holes in walls or doors or anything like that. I do not own my home or I would.

    I should be moving this summer, where ill have a bigger area to deal with heat. For now, I'll just ride it out and do the best I can with what I got.

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  16. Put ductwork airtight to the back and run it outside w/a return fan in the middle so it doesn't overheat and cause a fire.

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  17. My bad, read your thread too fast, kinda high, but if you have no access to fresh intake/outtake air then a bunch of fans is your only option unless you can afford on of those in room air conditioners but doesn't sound viable. You're likely gonna have problems growing in that constriction of limited options. Try outside if that's as good as it gets in that dreary room or basement. Good luck

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  18. I reckon its one of them panick rooms/vaults !!!! Only kiddin Blaze. No idea myself. Goid luck though love ☺
  19. I've only had 1 so it a few months ago, a 1 ton unit. As I said, works fine...jus the bills have me concerned about the long term viability.

    To the OP growing kinda takes a rebel spirit or at least some part of it so you need to be creative. If its not your own home I would buy a cheap door, similar in looks or even the same door, replace the current 1 with that and use your own door to create ventilation. Unless you're more open minded and creative there's not much anyone can do for or suggest to you.

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