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  1. Im moving my HomeboxS into my closet. It already gets up to 95 when i close the tent and its in my living room.

    But im thinking about this. What If i get an Air Conditioner like a portable one.. and put it in the closet.... and have it running constantly...

    Do you think that will manage my heat problem.... I mean moving it into the closet seems dumb at this point because I cant even keep the temps regulated with the tent closed in my living room. But If iput an AC in the closet and shut the closet door do you think it will keep the temps down?

    Im thinking about this 1.

    also .. this may sound dumb. But if i just put it in the closet and turn it on..... it will make it cold right? Do i have to do anything besides just turn it on? Dont u need it to run through a window.. or osmething?
  2. you need to run the air con exust out of the room or the unit will not work. You are going to have to filter the exuast or you are gonna get some serious smells there. I do it like this. I pump the aircon exuast straight to the carbon filter so all smells are netrulised.


    Be sure to use insulated ducting for the aircon exaust as they tend to get rather hot.

    Better still just get a bigger fan there to extract more air and run with negative pressure this will ensure that you shift the maxuimum amount of heat (Air).:smoke:

  3. Smells like from BUD? Im not worried about that i have an entire house its fine. lol Im just wondering how I can get the AC tow ork if its meant for a window. What do you mean it wont work if i dont run the air exhaust out? how can i do that if im doing it in a closet?

    and i cant get a bigger exhaust fan because the hole in my tent is only 6 inches
  4. Or just buy a pre-configured grow kit to save yourself the trouble.. lol

  5. how a air conditionor works is that it blows out hot air one end from the refrigeration unit and cold air from the other so unless you vent this hot air there will be no point in using a air conditioner. Just make a whole in the back of the cupbord to fit the aircon exaust throutgh.

    Simple just get a 8" to 6" reducing coller for the fan or just get a faster 6" inline fan there.

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