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  1. If you blow smoke directly into an AC vent will it cycle and come back into the room? Or does it just get filtered or something.
  2. What do you mean does it filter out. Do you mean to ask does it filter out the smell and smoke is that what you want to know if it is the answer is no it will not you need a carbon filter to do that for you.

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  3. What Im asking is if I blow the smoke into the vent will it cycle back into the room.
  4. it will still smell.. stuff a toilet paper roll with fabric softeners and blow through that.. your room will smell like laundry
  5. Grab an inline fan and chuck it on a carbon filter. Not only will it eliminte the smell, it will clean the air in the room and make it smell mad fresh too.
  6. Only one way to find out. Light it up... :smoking-hookah:
  7. Blow it into the vent let the aircon cool it down then inhale it again and the hit will be smoother.
  8. If I'm not mistaken yes. You're asking for some reason?
  9. Do you live with someone OP? Like your parents or something?
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    It all depends on what kind of system you have. I then remembered a funny story with my son. We moved to a new home with the whole family. I had to buy new furniture, new equipment. Of course, I had to think about whether to buy an air conditioner for my home. As a result, my wife and I decided to install two air conditioners, one in the living room, the second in the hall opposite the son's room. So we somehow had to go to work with my wife for a week and leave my son at home, he was then independent and an adult. Everything would be fine, but we received a receipt for a aircon chemical overhaul. Upon arrival home, it turned out that our son smokes, and for some reason he decided to smoke in the air conditioner ... It turned out that he often smokes in it, and an unpleasant smell came from there when he turned it on. They didn't scold my son, but they asked why he just didn't tell us right away and why he just didn't go out into the street.

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