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  1. Hey all,
    Im gonna use a handheld fan that i kooked up to a power adaptor to circulate the air inside a space of 80cm high, 39cm width and 41 depth.
    Will this be too strong for the size of the grow set up?
    I should have a pic here to show yee,
    Its not pretty but it works great and its quiet enough

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  2. and here

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  3. as long as it doesn't break you plants it will be fine, does it have a speed setting? it looked like some sort of dial on the cord. your grow space may be a little short, what kind of lights are you using.
  4. No it doesnt have a speed setting yet but ill find sumtin to slow it down.
    I know i need more height , i cant do anything with it yet,
    im using 4 compact flouros(4800 lumens) and im gonna put 2 more towards the lower sides so ill have around 7200 lumens, thats not bad actually, pity theyre flouros though, lol
    Im probably gonna have to train it when it gets too big,
    im gonna enrich it with co2(my brother says he can get me a huge canister of co2 for FREE) that would be awesome
    And to make my day even better, I can now buy seeds from within Ireland on march 5th, (10 in each pack) skunk seeds 20euro, white widow feminized 40euro,etc
    Any1 here from Ireland lookin for seeds check the link below.

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