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  1. Hi, already got my closet running with 1 exhaust fan of 100 mm blowing air out and 1 fan inside to cool the hps lamp but i want to add 2 PC fans 80 mm each to put some air in.

    Is this the right way?

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  2. In theory if you take enough air out, your box should naturally bring air in, making it so you dont need any intake fans...
  3. Kanad is right about not needing an intake fan. If your room is sealed correctly you will get your intake just from the inline fan pull. My room had incredible pull and I don't use any intake fans. Mount your out going air fan on one end at top of your wall and have your incoming air on opposite end and if your room is sealed good enough u will see what were talking about. If your not getting anything coming in then either your inline fan is to small for the room or your room is not sealed good enough to build up pressure.
  4. In the exhaust specs say 98 m3/hour. If i don't need them great, less work :) Thanks
  5. Definitely my room isn't sealed correctly because of the door, have some millimeters between the door and the wall each side.

    My outgoing fan is exactly like the drawing.

    I can sense some pressure because its pull the door when i turn the outgoing fan on and makes a different noise when i shut the door.
  6. Your door is fine if u feel and hear a difference your good:) it should work for u and yes if u have it like the drawing you will b good

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