Air circulation between 2 tent rooms

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  1. I built a 2x4 board panda tent. 8' wide x 4.25' deep and 7.5' high. I have split it into 2 rooms(veg/flower). Right side is flower. Question is i have a black plastic 90 degree elbow to connect the 2 rooms so the kitchen stove's exhaust fan can pull air from both rooms. Where should I put it? low so its pulling cooler air into the hotter flower room(750 watt) which will be air-cooled(6" enclosed hood) by the stove fan mentioned before or high so the hot air is getting pulled out of veg room.
    The vegg room has a small 4" in-duct fan for intake on lower left w/ a t5 for babies and a FIY Aero cloner. The ducting length from tents upper right side to exh. fan is about 15' w/ a few bends and is 4" ducting. I will be attaching a flashing plate w/ 4" hole so its tight around exhaust fan.
    Could I run it like this: 90degree elbow(between rooms) low - attach 4" ducting from this to 4" to 6" increaser directly to hood(cool bulb), 4" ducting through upper right hand of tent then straight to exh. fan? It seems I'm not getting any CO2 replacement this way. I dont want to buy another Inline fan so how to do this?
    Maybe elbow high, dropping warm(75deg.) air into right side room and then having a 2' piece of 6" ducting hanging from front of hood attached to nothing, just pulling cooler air from down low or even attach it to wall and bringing in more fresh air from outside of tent and let that be the start of the exhaust line. Hood/15' of 4" ducting/ flash plate and then exh. fan, wait this still gives me no co2 cause the 6" ducting thats attached to front of hood from outside is an enclosed line. So HELP i know its probably me overthinking it but got to spread out the girls from bigger tent, 1 wk 3 days into flower and its 28 bushy 4' tall Gooeys and its too crowded. Thnx guys

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