Ain't SHE SEXXXY?????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Kro-Nesis, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. This is my latest beauty? Ain't she sexy? I'm am going to rap eher in three days!!!

    Hey Mcurry, I want to send a shout out to ya, thanks for the guide. Sidious pro-sh8 ya playa! And to all others who made it possible!

    Sorry to run but she's calling me again.

    PEACE & Smoke weed in the Middle East. Wars are for DumbAsses!!! We the people of the Republic of Ganja are too damn high to care about war. Keep toking or get knocked around by Insane Drunks Inc.!!!!!!!

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  2. She looks delicious. What's her name? Does she have a sister?
  3. Her name is Queen Mary I, and she has 51 other sisters starting their own kingdom. They will be raped by a known assassin, Kro-Nesis. He usually stopd feeding them. Suffocate them in a brown bag until they have dried a bit. Stuffs them in a piece of brown paper, and then he sets them ablaze! How can we stop this animal??? I have 2100g in storage. Mason jars make good wall decor especially with the green hue and smell!

    "There is no way to stop me, I am Kro-Nesis Lord of the Chronic Buds!"

  4. He cannot be caught.

    He is above the law.
  5. "HE HAS FUCKING DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY MAN!"...he will never be taken alive!!!.....was that a gunshot i just heard?

    that is a nice looking plant....very dark green aint it?

    and those crystals, man they look like fucking iceing smooth...well done!.....Peace out...Sid
  6. very nice ... i just hope mine will turn out 1/2 of what your did ... have fun with them
  7. Great looking plant. Almost looks to good to smoke.. Not to good to eat though..

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