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Aint Gonna Piss In A Cup For No Man!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, May 23, 2006.

  1. well i damn sure wish i didint have too!!! i may or may not be takin a piss test soon for a better position at work. the prob is is that im not about to quit the ritual just for a "maby" piss test. im gonna try the Azo standard stuff but i want to be completely sure for my self that it works b4 i depend on it for a test. does anyone know of any OTC piss tests that i could get at GNC or CVS or Wallgreens or any place like that to see just how long it really takes me to be clean b4 i do the real deal. and anyone else that says damn the piss tests all to the pits of hell lemme get a loud and resounding HELL YEAH!!! A man should be judged by the quality of his work NOT the quality of his piss!!! Damn the man!!!:mad:
  2. CVS and Walgreens both sell OTC Tests, and most local headshops do to. I buy them ever so often to test myself. However, I'm not sure how similar they are to piss tests for work... I hope they are the same standard, but it points to no in my opinion...

    Good luck

    Walgreens, it's 14.99 for one time test, but i found out it's mainly paying for lab fees so you can mail in a sample as well as a test at home. But I found at my headshop for 7.99 I can get the tester its self.

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