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Discussion in 'General' started by Hobbes, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. well i dont know about the rest of u but searching peoples profiles is bugging me if I'm looking for someoen to chat with so ill just say I'm on my comp now and would like to say hellow to fellow blades awake at this hour of the morn....

    drop me a im

    handle: Schrananapuss

  2. old screenname dont ask, im always on sumtimes there: juggalosro
  3. kr4zy bum... yep yep
  4. RoanokeDubber
  5. PhthaloType. Usually on late-late, like 5 pm to 5 am central.

    And oh yeah, anyone feel free to IM me, my buddy list is freakin' deserted!
  6. Singer58K
    I'm on...a lot. im me any time.
  7. AIM: Galyxtrya. I'm usually up all night, so feel free to hit me up.
  8. after P before R
  9. scotydog826
  10. Hummercash

    I'm on 24/7.


  11. Well, instead of searching people profiles... you could have searced the thread title as well... there should be a few good threads on instan messenger names an what not..... :)
  12. Dedhed200

    And the odd thing is I made this screen name before I ever herad the term deadhead linked to the grateful dead.
  13. easy420rdr

    im always on just try one of those 2 if u wanna talk
  14. Hit me up, mine is fourstringerx16
  15. ChickenWeedPoon
  16. Scooterboyyo is my AOL SN. hit me up hommie, im on now i bet
  17. let's update this please. more aim names!
  18. Hobbes2612
  19. blazedbowtie82

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