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Discussion in 'General' started by s0ad05, May 10, 2006.

  1. i know i can search and find a topic BUT there are people who update their screen names.

    I have a couple gc buds on my buddy list but i wish to grow it larger. I am really high and my aim name is s0ad05 :smoking:
  2. AIM = yolotow

    Im bored too so seriously. Hit it up.
  3. xpwwykid

    but im never on AIM lol
  4. I'm CrazyAsianGenius. Hit me up sometime... finals are driving me crazy now...

    -Antwan L.
  5. scootinisfun813 , hit me up
  6. Whattup man, aim = Emohnke. I'm from Evanston and will be living there this summer starting in two weeks, cool to see you're from Chi as well.
  7. suntzuwarrior96

    but if you are going to message me. drop me a pm here first so i can add you to the list. i have my firewall set to block anyone that isn't on my contact list.
  8. aim = omg a 1337 train always down for a talk
  9. aim-samenameasforumname
  10. i got totally high and forgot about this thread

    added you all
  11. go ahead and message me man its chill, apatheen0say

    go ahead and download music by right clickin me on your buddy list and selecting get file too. sorry about the shortage, i just deleted a bunch of shit to make froom for new shit on my ipod. should be some good stuff for everyone, i have all full albums. dont be shy.
  12. haha well i went through and added everybody so we can have a nifty chat one day...


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