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aiight so let me tell u whats goin on

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chronic blunt, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. #1 chronic blunt, Sep 30, 2009
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    sup guys, i got a question for you.

    i havent smoked weed in about 2 1/2 months because i get tested by my parents whenever they suspect somthins up, and they just left out of town to go to some u2 concert in charlote, leavin me home alone for 2 days. So my friend moved in across the street and keeps askin me to smoke up, and i think im gonna, im about to buy an 8th of some chron for about 55 and smoke again, but i need to know how long that will stay in my system.

    i found their stash of drug tests, but i cant take any and mess with em cuz they count em now, but is there anything i can do to the test without tearing it open out of its silver plastic packaging to make them faulty? Ive tried hiding clean piss in my bathrooms before, but my mom kinda found out.. i hid it in my contact solution container, and she doesnt use mine and i barely wear my contacts so i thought it'd be chill.... she fuckin squirted it in her eye LOL.

    Awnsers please, and thanks. the chronic ima be smokin, ill spark every blunt in ur name lol

    EDIT: their the dip-stick tests, u get it a little wet at the bottom and when it travels up based on whether or not theres thc, 1 or 2 strips come out.

    my friend got by em by dipping them in water before and letting them dry, but i cant open the packages sooo yah, would heating them up or somthings do anything?
  2. ahah you're parents are definite fags...umm you'll be good in a week easy if you are taking those home tests. just work out a lot and drink a lot of water.

    i wouldn't be surprised if your parents tested you right when they came back careful about that one
  3. yeha i was thinkin that cuz my dad did say "be good" like 7 times in the 5 minuites b4 they left when i helped them load the car. lookin for a stash spot to hide clean piss in the bathroom at atm.
  4. to my knowledge, you dont actually squirt the solution into your eye. I've had contacts before but i dont wear them anymore so i dunno maybe its different for some people but still

  5. Respect your parents rules or move out.

    I don't mean to sound like a dick, but look at the hoops you're having to jump through to get away with smoking. It's really not worth your parents trust and respect.
  6. pee in a container now when your piss is clean. smoke up. if they test you, use the piss that's clean. just put the container in your pocket when you walk into the bathroom.
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    [ame=]YouTube - Family guy - Brian's random drug test[/ame]

    Dammit the end is cut off where he's like "ITS TIME TO LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!"
  8. thanks for all the advice guys, and no fuck them im not respecting their bullshit rules my mom is a borderline alcoholic, used to sneak out and get durnk every night when she was younger, and got a fake ID and used it when she was only 14.
    and my dad used to smoke pot, and all his friends sitll do i wouldnt be suprised if he does, hes just wrapped around my moms fucking finger, and he used to get really abusive when i was little so fuck him no.

    wow longrant soz, i just hit a bowl of the last of my legal herb blend lol. i would smoke this shit but i dont think its good 4 u..
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    I'm all for helping out a fellow toker but I agree with Gumbo. It doesn't matter how much your parents are against your 'hobbies' or why they do the things they do--they are your parents and blood is thicker than water. If your parents didn't love you they wouldn't be letting you live under their roof or going to such lengths to make sure you're clean and staying out of trouble.

    You can't weigh your parent's mistakes against your own, their job is to make sure you don't make the same mistakes they did and are better off than they were. Maybe they weren't the best parents in the world and they did some things that made you angry or feel as if they were against you, but they are only human and you need to realize how hard it is for them as parents. You can try to imagine all you like and feel like you have all the answers but until you are in that situation you haven't the faintest idea.

    Whether you realize it or not, they are the closest people to your heart. Friends come and go, people you once trusted with your life will stab you in the back and they will be the only two people you can turn to for support. I would highly suggest taking a step back and looking at your life, don't blame your parents, don't blame anybody else for your decisions. What have you done to better your situation? What have you done to meet whatever goals you may have in life? Your life does not revolve around MJ, in fact, it shouldn't be anywhere near the top of your priorities. Believe me because I've been there--A few years from now you'll realize just how trivial your problems were and you'll wonder with every fiber of your being why you couldn't just step up and live your life to your full potential when you had the opportunity.

    You're not going to like what I'm about to say but I would highly consider quitting until you have your priorities straight. Go to college, get a job, do something to ensure that you don't have to rely on anybody but yourself. When you're ready, MJ will still be there to ease the stress at the end of the day, but it's not a cure-all medicine for something you're missing inside of yourself.

  10. this.
  11. Fine, dont respect their rules, but think about that next time you walk in the door they payed for, or turn on the light they pay for, ir waer the clothes they pay for.

    But to be honest, you sound like your 14.
  12. Meh, you make decisions, good or bad, theyre your decisions and nobody else's...Good luck.
  13. Pee in a bottle or something before hand and try to hide it somewhere better this time and then smoke up :]
  14. put some piss in a bottle (little) and put it in the toilet paper roll hanging on the wall.
  15. You don't have to keep a bottle of clean piss in the bathroom. You could just stick it in your closet somewhere or somewhere else out of the way. And also, what is the worst that will happen if you get caught? You said you have already been caught at least twice. At some point they will just give up. Just make sure that you do well in school and otherwise stay out of trouble and it won't be that bad. They probably already accept that you smoke if they've caught you trying to keep clean piss around.

    Or, if you don't want to go through the hassle, you and your friend could always get some beers instead. They can't test for that. As long as you are responsible and don't leave anything behind, you won't get caught.
  16. Okay I gotta weigh in on this's my two cents...

    I agree with everyone who has posted in regards to this young man/woman observing his parent's rules, they are set in place for a reason, and they are meant to protect at the end of the day. But it's funny to me that nobody bothers to mention the double standard his parents clearly set for him. They drink alcohol, frequently, and perhaps to the point of intoxication, in front of him, and then tell him not to drink. He said that his Dad is an old stoner and he believes that most of his friends do still partake. To cap all this off, Junior has been left on his own for the weekend, and for what reason? So Mom and Dad could cruise out of town to the U2 concert. Now, ask yourself, in what practical circumstance does it make sense to leave an "at-risk" youth on his own for an entire weekend while you go to a concert? It doesn't. At all. He's rebellious by nature. All he knows is the double standard, and he's NOT to blame.

    I'd say that it's not worth it to get stoned if they're only out of town for the weekend man. Just chill, play some video games or something, don't risk getting in trouble just for a weekend of getting high, you know in your own head it's not worth it if you get caught and get shitcanned. Just know this--no matter how you feel about your parents, and clearly you've got some strong feelings about them--they love you, and do want the best for you. They never set out as parents to screw your life up or make things more difficult. They just don't want you to be misled about drugs and alcohol. They're doing what they feel like they have to do to ensure your safety and well-being as their kid, you know? Don't blame them for it or be bitter. Just know your day is coming, and sooner than later, you can make your decisions on your own. In the meantime, best to just try and cope with M and D and play by the rules...Good Luck!
  17. Hey sorry I dont have too much advice but that is FUCKIN HILARIOUS!! :D

  18. Look dude (talking to OP), i know you might not like what this guy is saying, but he is 100% correct on everything. EVERYTHING.

    Take it from a kid who's been fighting it out with the real world for 4 years now, your parents do care. You should clean up, get rid of that stupid name, learn to type correctly, get better grades and try to get into college. Don't piss away your childhood and all your opportunities on some fucking weed.

    For real man. Get an education, and give your parents some goddamn respect.

    +rep for quote.
  19. Look man, if your parents are going through all of this just to stop you from smoking, then they will find out one way or another about you trying to hide it again. Really what you should do is earn their respect BACK. Thats the only way. For as long as it takes, dont toke, let them to continue to test you, you keep passing, eventually they will realise that they can trust you again and stop testing. Then, at that point, evaluate the situation and decide whether you want to smoke responsibly or not. Respect their rules, if they feel that strongly about it, dont smoke in the house. Keep it on the low and you should be ok, if none of this works out and you still want the herb that bad, finish school, get a job, get your own place and own rules.

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