aight. for all those in the a song to surf/post to. Cause *I* want you to

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  1. this is a special request of the posters/surfers/lurchers..!
    post a song!
    ESP! one that can be easily downloaded (ie, kazaa)
    this is inspired because I realized...I usually (have to) wear headphone when I surf late night!
    and Im ALWAYS UP for new (edit: hardcore alt) old classic techno (if GOOD! lol) etc...all music...I mean Im a music this is coming from me..a music junkie.
    and a lot of posts that you guys have posts I have always checked PLEASE!!! post em. cause *I* am what gets you going...
    of anyone..(and well...this will tell me!) are dead hard on music as i am....then ill know this!!!!!!!! gimme a band/spicific song(s) etc...and even why! i mean when I talk to my friends..songs always mean something to them...something no matter...(lol...311, me..Amber, ok love the song, got pumped up to it before games & a year before it came out I got the oaks glasses, amber color! ha!)
    anyway! post it. for me! for fans of just music! I know there is SO much divesity out there...!! and thats what I love about music...I just wanna here in this post, honestly, more than just your favorite song to get stoned to. (but! if it does happen to be!!... cool! tell me about it!!!!) ;)

  2. Anything by Dave Matthews Band is good surfing music IMHO. I'm pretty partial to Jimmie Thing, and Tangerine. But any accoustic DMB is bound to be good!! Happy surfing!
  3. yeah see this is a given. lol. I really enjoy dmb sometimes..jimi thing is a great song. probably one of my favs among two step..and the cover of the maker is unreal!
  4. I don't know if you're a fan of heavier music. But check out some Zakk Wylde live songs. The man is absolutely incredible with a guitar!
  5. ah yeah I love the kick ass heavy hard stuff. Im a big fan of boy sets fire, deftones, system..etc..;) this is what im talking bout..Ill check them out
  6. Zakk is Ozzy's guitarist. But he also has his own band called Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society. Make sure you download SuperTerriorizer. It's kick ass!! Also check out Voodo Chilie. It's Zakk and Slash from GNR. Very good!!
  7. Hey Sensimil have you tried downloading the Music?....try "Jag tune" and "the people"....not heavy or anything but music that gets you moving.....!!!.....Peace out...Sid
  8. Make sure you get the techno mix of Ozzy's Crazy Train too!
  9. well...depending on what my groove is like...i either want some smooth from the 'urban hang suite' album...its is the sexiest music...hehe...alicia keys, of, wind and fire...
    i wanna i will listen to pantera...vulgar display of power is my fave album...if you want to hear some heavy progressive rock that is seriously technical shit that is amazingly played and lyrically phenominal...check out dream theatre...
    i get into a chic groove and go for Poe...garbage...dixie chicks...another set of amazing musicians...and yeah country...lmfao...but if your a music head...its gonna be for all types of music, mami...hehe


  10. Hell yes, Pantera is the shit!!! Great stoner music. I went to the last Ozzfest of the year down in Dallas. We were eating at Hooters the day before the show and my buddy says "holy shit!!!! Dimebag just came in!!" We went over to his table and got to shoot the shit with him for a few and got our Hooters checks autographed!! It was the shit! He's a hell of a nice guy!
  11. ain't lying they rock...vinnie paul was trained to move his feet by satan himself, i think...and then there was a challenge...and vinnie won...hehe

    interesting sidenote...on VH1 the did a top 100 rock bands or most influential or one of those things and vinnie paul talked about him and dimebag cruising around listening to a cheap trick 8-track for hours...hehe

  12. I saw that on VH1, it was pretty tight!!
  13. I like the Insane Clown Posse
    the ultimate wired experience

  14. BUMPPPPPP! Hahahah Kazaa is sooooo old
  15. Nickelback - this afternoon
  16. I love hittin the bong to shit like

    james brown
    funkadelic and parliament
    grateful dead
    creedance clearwater revival
    edgar winter
    mars volta
    modest mouse

    to name a very few
  17. Do you realize how old this is lol?

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