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Discussion in 'General' started by RazorRy, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. well ive been here for about a week and what not......come to know a few peeps up in here........jus wanna know whos who and what not.....some of the local long has this place been up......who started long you guys been postin.......stuff like that the background ya know

    heres some names that i recognize:


    ummmmmmmm theres some more i cant think of right now
  2. namron420 is around here a lot...although hes obviousely not as cool as me...and reform maryjane laws hasnt ben around lately..I wonder what shes up to...

    critter where the hell did dawodin go? did I miss something?
  3. I dont mind remaining the figure in the shadows. =)

  4. yep DaWodin pretty much went off to the army (marines? not sure)... I miss him and wonder how he's doing often! :(

    as for me been here for a year as of next month, post WAY too much, in the bay area of california, 25, lovin' life, live with my cat and bf(dork!), aspiring to go back to finish college.

    i adore music, literature, grasscity, and pretty anything that makes life a positive experience.

    the site, i don't know how long it's been around, superjoint is the head honcho and he is a saint for keeping this site up for us, and always being a fair and liberal person when it comes to any issues.

    we're a pretty mellow toking community that loves their pot, their humor, and their fellow stoner.

    is that good?
  5. yes..what they said..and im drunk
  6. lol damn drunk nubbin. =)

  7. oooh so he went off to the army ehh?...may he serve us well...then come back in one piece and smoke plenty a bowl

  8. You mean this place is full of lay about junkies?? :mad:

    *leaves the city*
  9. I am, without a doubt, the sexiest toker here.

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